Oneplus 5 VS Nubia Z17 Design, Hardware, Camera, Battery Review (Flash Sale)


In June, Nubia Z17 has been officially released, it is the first RAM 8GB bezel-less Snapdragon 835 smartphone, and Oneplus 5 is the second one to have RAM 8GB in China with similar specs. Therefore, we have very strong curiosity about which one is better, Oneplus 5 or Nubia Z17?

Check Oneplus 5 VS Nubia Z17 Specs Here


Oneplus 5 has 2.5D curved glass, under the screen there is non-pressed fingerprint scanner home button, which looks like OPPO R11, VIVO X9, Meizu smartphones, etc. But Nubia Z17 design still continues its own features, adopting same 2.5D curved glass, but it uses bezel-less ID screen, we can not see the frame on the right and left sides almost. In addition, it has added edges touch screen function, under the screen, it still uses little circle red home button, adopting fingerprint scanner on the back.

On the back design, Oneplus 5 only has black and grey two colors, and its back design looks like OPPO R11, Iphone 7 Plus, including dual rear camera and hidden curved antenna line,  and Nubia Z17 has many colors, such as pure black, golden, black golden and red color, in order to increase the visual beauty, it is first to use antenna line on the top to make one antenna line under the back cover, the other antenna is located on the mid-frame, and enhance the single to be more stable.

In details, Nubia Z17 has canceled 3.5mm earphone jack, but Oneplus 5 has retained it. In details, Oneplus 5 mainly uses mid-frame, good holding feeling, and four back covers available.



In all,  they have their own features, personally, Oneplus 5 looks like iphone 7 more, which may be more attractive.


Oneplus 5 and Nubia Z17 both adopt Snapdragon 835 Octa core processor, RAM 6GB/8GB, they should have similar performance, but different in optimization. Let’s check them out.


Snapdragon 835 processor is the used in most powerful smartphones, up to 2.45GHz, 10nm, Adreno 540 GPU, supporting QC4.0 quick charge,

Antutu Test

According to Antutu test, Oneplus 5 has got the highest points, up to 180,796, but Nubia Z17 has got 178, 618 points.

Geekbench 4 Test

According to Geekbench,  Oneplus 5 has a little advantage than Nubia Z17.

3D Mark Test

And according to 3D mark, Oneplus 5 is better than Nubia Z17.


Last but not least, it is game test, Oneplus 5 has very good performance, it has got 60 frames per 15 minutes, which means Oneplus 5 can play NBA 2K17 without any pressure at full frames, but Nubia Z17 has 51 frames, although they have gap, it is quite good enough.

According to performance comparison, although Oneplus 5 and Nubia Z17 both have Snapdragon 835 processor, RAM 6GB/8GB, they have some difference in optimization. Oneplus 5 is more excellent than Nubia Z17 in game experience.


Oneplus 5 uses dual rear camera paralleled, similar to iPhone 7 Plus, and OPPO R11. But Nubia Z17 adopts dual rear camera with 23MP+12MP, F/1.8 aperture, which can achieve twice optical zooming, using NeoVision 7.0 image engine, dual core focus, supporting PDAF, AI smart mode photographing and real-time background blurring. which is more interesting to use,and better user experience.

Therefore, Oneplus 5 and Nubia Z17 have got high performance in their camera,  Oneplus 5 performs best in color saturation and white balance, while Nubia Z17 is better in analysis and dynamic range. So they have their own features.

Nubia Z17 Camera Photo Sample

Oneplus 5 Camera Photo Sample



Nubia Z17 OS interface

Oneplus 5 OS interface


As for battery life, Oneplus 5 and Nubia Z17 both have similar capacity, the former one has 100mAh more bigger than the latter. But they have similar screen size, hardware, therefore, they should have similar battery life. Check their battery life as follow.

In terms of test, Oneplus 5 and Nubia Z17 have small gap. After testing, they both have about half power left. Nubia Z17 performs better. They both can be used for two days without issue. As for quick charge, Oneplus 5 has 20W quick charge, but Nubia Z17 only has 18W, the former one has more advantage. But Nubia Z17 supports latest QC4.0+, you can buy QC4.0 quick charger over 20W , which will have faster charging speed than Oneplus 5.


Oneplus 5 can support netcom, which can not only be used in China, but also around the world to enjoy 4G, but Nubia Z17 just supports part of overseas 4G network. Therefore, Oneplus 5 is a very powerful smartphone and keeps balance in different aspects, while Nubia Z17 uses bezel-less screen which is also very attractive. Right now Oneplus 5 is in flash sale at $489.99 in stock for RAM 6GB ROM 64GB version and RAM 8GB ROM 128GB global version at $589.99, while  Nubia Z17 sells its RAM 6GB ROM 64GB version at $439.99 and RAM 6GB ROM 128GB version at $579.99 and RAM 8GB ROM 128GB version at $629.99.


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