Oneplus 5 VS Xiaomi MI6 VS Samsung Galaxy S8+ VS Nubia Z17 Battery, Quick Charge Review


This year, smartphone manufacturers have made more efforts to release its own product,  when there are more and more new products pouring into the market, consumers have higher needs for smartphones, including smartphone specs, battery life and charging time, etc. When it comes to specs of a phone, we have to mention the Snapdragon 835 processor this year, and many brands have used this kind of processor, such as Xiaomi MI6, Nubia Z17, Oneplus 5 in China and Samsung Galaxy S8 series, Sony Xperia XZ Premium, etc.

But for some users, they will care more about its battery. As you know, there are different kinds of quick charge on the current market, such as QC, FCP, PE, AFC, and other high voltage quick charge, and DASH, SCP, VOOC and other low voltage quick charge,and includes latest USB PD. Therefore, what’s difference between high voltage and low voltage quick charge? Let’s compare four smartphones with Snapdragon 835 processor, they are Oneplus 5, Xiaomi MI6, Samsung Galaxy S8+ and Nubia Z17.

Four Snapdragon 835 smartphone battery details

According to relative materials, this four smartphones all use the battery with 3.85V voltage, the battery capacity is between 3,200mAh and 3,500mAh, to be exact, this four smartphones have their own charging agreement. Oneplus 5 uses its own Dash low voltage quick charge solution, Xiaomi MI6 uses QC3.0 quick charge, Samsung Galaxy S8 PLUS uses its own AFC high voltage quick charge, and Nubia Z17 is powered by QC4.0 quick charge, because Qualcomm has not announced QC4.0 standard, so Z17 only has QC 3.0 charger.

When charging the smartphone, connect the device like the image showing above, they all are under power-off state, no power, and then use their own power adapter to charge, we use Power-Z KM001 USB to test, which has connection function, by HID port, it can connect the computer to monitor, record the test data, convenient to calculate.

After making conclusion, we have got a chart about charging time and charging percentage, according to the image, we can see their charging speed, consuming time, etc.

Four Snapdragon 835 smartphone charging speed percentage curved line

According to test result, in this four smartphones, Oneplus 5 is the first one to charge full, faster than other three phones, then it is Nubia Z17, using about 102 minutes, and Xiaomi MI6 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus takes about two hours to charge full in this test.

After charging one hour, they have the power as follow:  Oneplus 5: 92%, Xiaomi MI6: 85%, Nubia Z17: 83% and Samsung Galaxy S8+ : 70%.

According to the curved rate, we can see this four smartphones can charge very faster in the first one hour, and their charging speed is also fast,  after one hour, they all enter into slow charging rate, consuming long time, increasing slowly, especially Xiaomi MI6, reducing the overall charging speed,  in the 67th minutes, it is been over by Z17.

WH is an energy unit, in the daily life, we can say one degree power is 1000Wh, so the power is calculated by Wh. So the battery Wh=Battery Voltage (V)× Battery capacity (mAh)/1000. The Wh/Min can reflect the charging speed accurately. So we use Wh/Mini as charging speed.

Four Snapdragon 835 smartphone average charging speed

We have make a conclusion about their average charging speed (Every charging speed=battery Wh/charging time) , Oneplus 5 average charging speed is fastest, and then it is Nubia Z17, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, and Xiaomi MI6. Of course, it is average charging speed.

Top 6 Smartphone charging speed rank (Under power off 0-100%)

Compared with last year test, Oneplus 3T and Huawei Mate 9 has faster charging speed in average. So we can see in charging speed, the low voltage quick charge is better than high voltage quick charge.

Four Snapdragon 835 smartphone charging speed in 15 minutes

We believe may users will not be strange about the reminder ‘your phone battery power is lower than 20%’, which is the worst situation when we see outdoor without charging places or bringing power bank. So we calculate the charging speed in 15 minutes, we can see Oneplus 5 has the fastest charging speed, about 0.2897Wh/min, and then they are Nubia Z17, Xiaomi MI6 and S8+ in sequence. So taking advantage of a little time to charge, Oneplus 5 with low voltage and big current quick charge solution can relieve the battery life at the best effect.

According to the above test effect, Oneplus 5 charging speed has obvious advantage, in charging one hour, it can reach 92% power, which is faster than others.  This kind of good test depends on charging power rate, and low voltage and big current charging effect.

As for the difference between low voltage and high voltage, they all have 3.85V voltage, under the condition of the battery voltage keeping same,  if you want to charge their battery, you need to add the equal voltage on two ends of the battery, Oneplus 5 Dash quick charge uses 5V/4A input solution, the voltage of two ends of the phone is small, so it has higher efficiency, and faster quick charge, charging faster, and less heat issue. And other smartphones using high voltage quick charge, the voltage is about 9V, on the two ends of the phone battery becomes 3.85V, it will have big voltage drop, which leads to bigger power consumption, so the efficiency is lower, and it will cause over heat issue. Therefore, do you know which phone can charge fastest now?


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