Oneplus 5T Design, Antutu, Camera, Battery Review (Coupon Included)


The OnePlus 5T is probably one of the hottest smartphones on the market. The new device of the Chinese company promises to bring visible irreverence to the previous model, something that was not properly well accepted by the public. The big problem with the OnePlus 5T was 5 months after its predecessor, which obviously devalued the previous terminal, even so, if you want to buy a high-end device at a good price you have few options in the market.

This model comes with a metal finish -not any crystal, and that’s not bad- as it can not be otherwise because it is a high-end terminal, and has the following dimensions: 156.1 x 75 x 7, 3 mm. Not bad for a device that has a panel of no less than 6.01 inches. In what has to do with the weight, this is 162 grams, so it meets the requirements of a terminal in its market segment – but this feature increases by almost ten grams with respect to the model it replaces.

The great front use of the OnePlus 5T makes the fingerprint reader go to the back of the smartphone, in a quite accessible place and offers a very good response. It is not a bad place and we like it a lot, but it is important to keep this detail in mind. By the way, that the device has a USB port type C and, again, it has not been decided to include protection against the guide and any dust.

The placement of the buttons is usual in the company models, which means that those intended for normal use are on the right side of the ignition itself, and on the left the volume (and yes, the usual Slider is not missing) ). Its access is quite comfortable. On the back with a striking appearance, apart from the aforementioned fingerprint reader is the camera with two sensors and on the front stands out the good use of frames. Therefore, we must say that the smartphone is quite attractive and has evolved for good in what has to do with design.

The storage, which is not expandable in the OnePlus 5T – and this is not exactly new – comes in two options 64 and 128 GB, which correspond to the two aforementioned possibilities of Ram. If you ask about the battery charge, everything is the same as before because it is 3,300 mAh, which has left us with a good feeling in the autonomy since we have arrived without excessive problems at the end of the day.

Here it is necessary to emphasize that the fast charge Dash Charge follows present and, again, it has demonstrated to be the best ones on the market. The connectivity offers everything necessary for the OnePlus 5T to be an adequate response for all types of needs. So, for example, there is no missing NFC or Bluetooth 5.0. Important to mention here that FM radio, which is not a surprise, and that the USB port type C is version 2.0 … would have been a good detail to jump to 3.0.

The main element sensors are 16MP (with EIS stabilizer and focal F: 1.7) and the second, 20MP (F: 1.7). In both cases, it is possible to use PDAF and a 1.6X optical zoom is achieved, without missing Portrait mode. The quality of the shots is very good when the brightness is adequate, if this is not the case, they lower their performance and do not compete with the “top” models of the market -by the way, it is difficult for them to make good macro photos. Well when using the automatic zoom, the quality in portrait mode is convincing, but not the best we’ve seen. In what has to do with the recording, meets the smartphone.

The application for the camera offers a good amount of options, highlighting especially the completeness of the Professional Mode. And, if you ask for the selfies front camera, this is 16MP with focal F: 2.0 and EIS. Its quality is average pulling to low, which has disappointed us a little.

we have to mention that the version of the Google operating system that is used in the OnePlus 5T is Nougat (7.1.1), which is not exactly good news since the normal version was that the version used was Android Oreo directly. It is true that the Oxygen OS interface is one of the best on the market because it is well worked and very intrusive, but at this stage of the game in Topes de Gama, we consider that this is a failure. Leaving this aside, the truth is that software performance is not bad at all.

Oneplus 5T brings a new screen upgrade, which is currently the most popular full-screen design, but also OnePlus the first full-screen mobile phone, back fingerprint design, camera performance is also improved, then in addition to these will have What changed?

1st, the appearance: OnePlus the first full-screen design This feels nothing to say

By the way, the OnePlus 5T includes its own facial recognition, which does not work very badly because it is very fast, but in our opinion is a step below what we saw in Face ID of the iPhone X. Yes, the Having both options is a great detail. The ergonomics of the phone we liked a lot, by the way.Well, we already tell you that the experience of use that we have obtained with this terminal is really good, of the best we have tested in an Android model. And the reason is that the processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 (with its eight cores and Adreno 540 GPU) and that the Ram arrives in 2 variants, both of which are very good: 6 or 8GB. That is, power more than enough to be able to play with the most demanding games and heavy applications, as we have seen.

OnePlus 5 and 5T packaging are same

The back of the package is OnePlus 5T simple parameters and manufacturer information

The package, red and black with a full range of current era 

Mobile Front

OnePlus 5T 18: 9 ratio full-screen design, a 6.01-inch AMOLED screen almost all cover the front of the phone, using the 5th generation of Corning Gorilla glass, and in order to save front space. Its giving the first impression is thin, easy one-handed holding, the fuselage is very rounded corners, the transition is very natural, which makes the whole body in your hand is very comfortable, the front of the screen and the machine Body looks seamless.

Front Top

Oneplus 5T front are a camera, sensor, handset, but also the only open hole on the front screen and it also joined the face recognition, but the same and the current and domestic mobile phone recognition technology, the use of the front-facing camera for face recognition.

The Bottom of the Phone

OnePlus 5T front with a virtual button design, screen accounted for 80.5%.

Phone Back

The appearance of the back with OnePlus 5 almost the same strain, but OnePlus 5T fingerprint keys. Compared to a body plus 5 more slender, an increase of about 2 cm. The back is still ergonomic arc design. OnePlus 5T dome-type antenna, the antenna is also dyed and the body color similar to the black, both smaller, both visually appear to be one. The back is made of anodized aluminum, which gives a very delicate and smooth touch, giving oneplus 5T the silky feel of the skin. Combined with the radian of the back, it is comfortable to hold in your hand.

Back Top

OnePlus 5T back is protruding double camera, noise reduction microphone, flash, fingerprint button. Although it is a protruding double camera, because of the lens module sacrifices the local thickness, has basically reached consensus among many manufacturers. OnePlus 5T back with a circular Home fingerprint button, down is a plus Logo.

The Bottom of the Phone

The author found a surprise OnePlus 5T headphone jack is still retained, which gives some of the needs of mobile phone headset users add a lot of good feelings. From left to right at the bottom of the phone are speakers, Type-C interface, microphone, 3.5mm headphone jack.

Phone Top

OnePlus5T the top is very clean, there is no opening, more, unfortunately, a plus 5T is still not equipped with infrared sensors.

The left side of the fuselage is the volume keys and three-stage mute button

OnePlus 5T still retains three-stage mute button, allowing the phone to quickly mute, do not disturb or ring mode, and the iPhone’s two-stage buttons are different, plus one phone is more than one Do not disturb the three-stage button. In the previous models, the 3-segment mute button has been well received, so OnePlus 5T continue to use this design.

The right side of the fuselage is the power button and SIM card slot

Support dual Nano-SIM card slot

Equipped with 5V / 4A charger

2nd, the system: to simplify the “localization” fresh and refined hydrogen OS

OnePlus 5T built-in hydrogen OS based on Android 7.1.1, will be the end of the year Android 8.0 push, update speed is very fast. Hydrogen OS has a very close to the native Android style, but one plus made adaptation and optimization so that hydrogen is more suitable for people to use OS.

Hydrogen OS has been described in detail before the function, here for a brief introduction of hydrogen OS, Tell me what you are interested can click here to see the detailed introduction.
OnePlus 5T added face recognition, hydrogen OS also made a special support.

New Face Recognition

OnePlus 5T through the front camera for face recognition, fingerprint recognition in addition to a way to unlock, but also can make up for some users after the fingerprint to bring discomfort.

Somatosensory Gesture

OnePlus 5T gesture operation allows the phone to slide gesture to complete the operation under the screen out.

Game Do Not Disturb

This feature is very important for gamers, and OnePlus 5T can choose an application to avoid disturbing, very user-friendly.

Dual Application

3rd, the performance: 180,000 run points first board its opponents only their own

OnePlus 5T equipped with OnePlus 5 the same Snapdragon 835 processor, is the strongest flagship processor Qualcomm, with 10nm process technology, compared to the previous generation flagship 35% reduction in size, power consumption reduced by 25%, Which means able to provide excellent mobile phone long life. OnePlus 5T of RAM is divided into 6 / 8GB version, then equipped with Snapdragon 835 processor plus 5T performance is how?

The author here on the use of Antutu, GeekBench, GFXBench, PCMark, Androbench test software and MOBA hand tour “king glory” to test OnePlus 5T.

1, Antutu Benchmark Test

Antutu Benchmark Profile: The world’s largest user of mobile phone/tablet hardware performance evaluation tools, including a comprehensive study of all aspects of equipment, including user experience, performance, and visual rankings. Support multiple mainstream platforms, running points can be the cross-platform comparison.

Antutu Benchmark provides a total score, multiple sub-grades. The total score reflects the overall performance of equipment performance. 3D results on behalf of GPU graphics performance and game performance.
UX results on behalf of the user experience, that is, the performance of daily use. CPU results on behalf of CPU computing power and multi-core type. RAM performance on behalf of system memory size and system optimization.

OnePlus 5T security antutu run points and ranking

An increase of OnePlus5T Antutu run points contrast.

An increase of 5T Antutu run points in the ranks again occupy Android camp first, followed by the one plus five. In the 3 models equipped with Snapdragon 835 flagship phone comparison, OnePlus 5T is still ahead.

2.GeekBench Test

GeekBench A cross-platform CPU performance test tool that accurately reflects single-core, the multi-core performance of a device CPU. Test load simulation Real-life application design, the result is more meaningful, but also measure GPU graphics computing performance.

Single-core results can reflect the advantages and disadvantages of CPU architecture design, the level of operating frequency. Multi-core scores reflect the efficiency of multiple CPU cores working simultaneously.

OnePlus 5T Geekbench run points

OnePlus 5T Geekbench run points contrast

As can be seen from the figure, whether it is single-core run points or multi-core run points, OnePlus 5T is in a leading position.

3, GFXBench Test

GFXBench Introduction: Cross-platform, cross-API 3D benchmark software that accurately reflects the graphics performance of the device GPU. Multiple test scenarios for full visibility of the device’s OpenGL ES graphics performance and battery life testing. GFXBench provides OnScreen, OffScreen two test contrast. When the screen that is running native screen resolution test equipment, off-screen that is unified to 1080p resolution, easy to the cross-device comparison.

There are 4 major test projects: T-Rex, Manhattan, Manhattan, Car Chase, Performance, Tests under OpenGL ES 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.1 / 3.1 The pressure is getting higher and higher, the result is measured by the average frame rate (FPS).

Oneplus 5T GFXBench run points

Oneplus 5T GFXBench run points contrast

In GFXBench run points, OnePlus 5T in 3D games slightly lower than Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version, but only 1 to 2 points difference.

4, PCMark Test

PCMark is a test software based on the overall performance of the mobile, can accurately reflect the daily use of mobile phone processing performance, multiple daily test scenarios, such as web browsing, video editing, Battery life test, document writing, image editing, etc. It should be noted that the PCMark run-point bias energy ratio, which is more balanced power and performance of mobile phones score higher.

OnePlus 5T PCMark run points and ranking

OnePlus 5T PCMark ran into 7133, basic and Meizu Pro 7 flat.

5, Androbench Test

Androbench Description: Androbench is a benchmarking application that measures 4K storage and storage performance for Android devices, including internal and external storage.

continuous read speed of 700MB / s or so, the standard UFS2.1 flash performance

6.The Game Test

Full  Effects

At present, OnePlus 5T has supported the “king of glory,” high frame rate, but I have not updated the phone in the hands of the author, so I here game effects full test, the test process, there is no Caton situation, the basic stability of about 30 frames , Open the high frame rate I believe the same stable at about 60 frames.

4th take pictures: 3 Sony biconvect blur and then upgrade

OnePlus 5T front with a Sony IMX371 sensor, pixel 16MP, F / 2.0 large aperture. Back of the main camera with IMX 350 sensor, 16MP, vice camera is IMX 376K sensor, 20 MP, the aperture is F / 1.7. And OnePlus5 is different, OnePlus 5T is not equipped with non-destructive optical zoom. Then what is its actual performance?

1, Daytime Sample

It can be seen that OnePlus 5T camera is very persistent on the details of the restoration, the enlarged details can be identified.


Can clearly see the clouds in the sky distribution, noise control is also very good.

Close Shot Sample

In the case of not open portrait mode, shooting close-range, OnePlus 5T still has a good blur effect.

Park sculpture

Although the backlight environment, but OnePlus 5T details sloppy, whether it is the details of the sculpture or grass details can be clearly restored.

Portrait blur

OnePlus 5T portrait technology by leaps and bounds, after a few months of training, compared to a plus 5 increased a lot, not only did not appear smear serious effect, and the transition in the natural is natural.

2, Night Sample

OnePlus 5T at night shooting, the dual camera will play an important role, from this photo we can see OnePlus 5T into the outstanding performance of light, in a well-lit environment, the details of the natural reduction more.

Can see the lightbox parts and there is no overexposed phenomenon, can clearly distinguish the light box’s pattern, the imaging effect is very good. In a variety of lighting, OnePlus 5T glare control is very good, so many lights did not appear glare.

Roadside Building

This one has a slight glare, but the outline of the building is very well portrayed.

3, self-proofing Sample

Without Beauty Mode

With Beauty Mode

After opening the beauty, well preserved the characteristics of the characters, but also further enhance the color, the skin texture is also very delicate. Can be seen through the hair, did not appear large-scale beauty smear traces. In the actual shooting process, I did not specifically to focus on the scene, but not too much time to stay in the night when taking pictures, but OnePlus 5T still able to quickly capture the night scenery.

There is no exposure and light reflection glare, into the light is also very adequate. During the daytime shooting, OnePlus 5T played a normal flagship mobile phone standard, especially in portrait virtualization, has surpassed the previous generation.

5th, charging battery life: small battery long-speed flash capture the hearts of people

OnePlus 5T equipped with 3300 mAh battery, although the power in the domestic mobile phone is quite satisfactory, there is a 6.01-inch screen to increase power consumption, but equipped with a low-power low-cost Snapdragon 835 processor. It is also equipped with Dash Charge fast charge technology, support 22W fast charge, then OnePlus 5T battery life performance will be like?

Here I use PCMark test software and online video playback, games to test OnePlus 5T life.

1, PCMark battery life test

OnePlus 5T PCMark’s endurance results

I use PCMark test, open 40% brightness, 30% volume, you can see OnePlus 5T battery life of 9 hours and 38 minutes, and Huawei glory 6X basically the same. 3300 mA battery can last for nearly 10 hours, very strong performance.

2, online video test

I use the use of beep miles beep client playing online barrage video, 40% of the volume, 50% brightness, 91% of the electricity began playing online for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the remaining power of 83%, the power consumption of 8%, convert OnePlus 5T in the fully charged state can continue to watch the barrage video online for about 5 hours.

3, The Game Test

I once again use the recently popular MOBA game “King glory” to test OnePlus 5T life, open the full-height effects, starting from 82% of electricity, the game for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, OnePlus 5T 74% of the remaining power, power consumption 8%, and the same power consumption of online video playback, OnePlus 5T in the case of full power can continue to play “the king glory” about 5 hours.

4, charging Test

OnePlus 5T standard with a 5V4A 22W fast charge head, starting from the depletion of electricity 0%, connect Wi-Fi, no card, record once in 10 minutes.

OnePlus 5T charge from zero to 100 only about 95 minutes, but taking into account the user will not use the basic 0% of the electricity, so OnePlus 5T 90 minutes can be fully charged and can be seen from the figure Add OnePlus 5T in the 30 minutes will be filled with 58%, Dash Charge is very awesome.

Preliminary conclusion: The OnePlus 5T is probably what the OnePlus 5 should have been. It has made a lot better here and above all the camera seems at first glance a change from the OnePlus 3 (T), even the 5, to be worth. But we ask ourselves: Why not immediately? If you had brought the OnePlus 5T directly to the market, OnePlus could have saved a lot of criticism. Although we would not continue to call the OnePlus 5T cheap, the price is now much more justified than before. The complete test report and the final conclusion can be found in just over a week at this point. Until then!

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