Oneplus 5T Design Leaked, Check its Amazing Bezel-less Screen


Oneplus is the unique Chinese smartphone brand, because it only releases one or two models per year, different from other brands. In China, its stock is not as large as other brands, such as Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO, VIVO and other ones. But it is very popular and famous in other countries, since Oneplus 3 sold well, Oneplus 5 has also sold well. Oneplus 5 has been released for several months, whether in specs or word of mouths, it is the top one, recently, Oneplus 5T photos have been leaked, adopting bezel-less screen, whether in colors, specs, and appearance, it will be over Samsung Galaxy S8.

And Oneplus 5T will not only change in design,but also all difference, it has added bezel-less screen, and it will be released soon to compete with Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Huawei Mate 10, and iPhone 8. And its slogan is ‘Never Settle up’, and this Oneplus 5T will be the upgraded version of Oneplus 5 in specs.

It is said that Oneplus 5T will cancel the front fingerprint scanner, adopting full screen design, powered by Snapdragon 836, RAM 6GB/8GB, using dual rear camera, it will bring a new Oneplus style. As for its released date, will it be released before Huawei, Samsung, and iPhone 8, etc? Just depend on its production and design.





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