Oneplus 5T Review, Price, Specs, Coupon And Game, Camera, Antutu, Battery Test: A Slightly Bigger & Better Flagship


OnePlus is an emerging company, which is becoming famous for offering flagship-level specifications at affordable prices. Initially, he started selling his smartphones only through an invitation system where customers receive an invitation to buy the phones in a stipulated time. However, to the liking of many, lately, it has also annexed the open sales of its terminals. However, to the liking of many, lately, it has also annexed the open sales of its terminals. Discover more about them here. On this occasion, we present your new addition, the Oneplus 5T, a successor of the OnePlus 5, which we are sure will captivate everyone. Below is a review of its features, specifications, and functions.

In term of configuration, Oneplus 5T high with a dual 8 configuration, which is the Qualcomm snapdragon 835 + 8 GB RAM, which is the core of all smartphones, sleek running basis, in recent years, with the continual development of mobile games, the more and more individuals fall crazy with playing games on their smartphones, and their favorite games are endless, with “Top Heroes,” “Top Glory,” and different top-rated mobile games. in the pc platform hot shooting game “Jedi Survival “has gradually been ported to smartphones by several game developers. The Oneplus 5T this configuration, whether it is game testing or the glory of the king, will simply Fun.


As of 2017, Oneplus globally sales accounted for quite 60 minutes, of which the U.S. market sales accounted for quite pure gold. Compared to different domestic handset makers, an added quickly gets through the international market, sales of vision has become even greater. After all, Oneplus of this configuration and the value is incredibly low.

Antutu Test

Although the running points are considered relatively low behavior, however in order to prove its performance, still have to run points to clarify, in the run points, Oneplus 5T Antutu points to 182483 points, is the current Antutu run points one of the highest android smartphones.

Geekbench Test

in the Geekbench C.P.U. run points, Oneplus 5T equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 single-core score of 1960 points, multi-core 6633 points, is the traditional level snapdragon 835. An increase of Oneplus 5T Antutu obtained points in the ranks once more occupies android camp 1st, followed by the Oneplus 5. in the 3 models equipped with Snapdragon 835 flagship phone comparison, Oneplus 5T remains ahead.

About GeekBench: Cross-platform C.P.U. performance test tool that accurately reflects single-core, a multi-core performance of a tool C.P.U test load simulation Real-life application design, the result’s additional substantive, but conjointly measure GPU graphics computing performance. The single-core results will reflect the advantages and disadvantages of C.P.U architecture design, the level of operating frequency. Multi-core scores reflect the efficiency of multiple C.P.U cores operating at the same time. As may be seen from the figure, whether it’s single-core run points or multi-core run points, Oneplus 5T is in a leading position.

Game Test

Differences in performance caused once running large-scale games, the expertise may be described as bad, no doubt, Oneplus 5T with the most brutal configuration parameters, and Oneplus 5T game performance is optimized, and supports high-frame rate mode, but plus a front desk acceleration of Oneplus 5T can automatically mobilize more C.P.U. and memory resources for the game, comprehensive guarantee the smoothness of the game screen, let’s take a glance at the expertise of the king of glory bar.

The game testing is more necessary for smart performance, here I also come to a test. At present, Oneplus 5T has supported the “king glory” high frame rate, but I have not updated the phone in the hands of the author, thus I play the game full test here, and the rendering of the image, Oneplus 5T fine screen fine, the role The outline of the borderline, the base camp, creeps and other objects are all good details; and, under the full screen, the game features a broader field of vision, compared to previous enemies who will see more sidewalks, offer the player a counter-strike reserve longer. test process, there’s no Caton situation, the essential stability of about 30 frames, open the high frame rate I believe an equivalent stability of about 60 frames.

Besides “pesticides”, “Game Testing” has gradually become another boom in mobile games, and this time we have chosen to figure with a deepening Netease “wilderness action” as a test game. people who read the conference ought to all know that Oneplus 5T built-in front desk acceleration, the game experience to stay fluid.

in the actual test, due to the front desk acceleration, the overall fluency of the game is incredibly smart, the frame rate remained at a high level, there’s no obvious Caton phenomenon occurs, the game screen fine to maintain good, there’s no jagged Or mosaic. With Oneplus 5T software acceleration, the smartphones to game test may be additional refreshing it.

For much more stunning mobile games, several users become “mobile tourist party.” However, mobile games not solely bring players pleasure but also to their smartphones memory challenges. However, Oneplus 5T with 8GB of memory blessing, then this phone is doubtless in performance isn’t scared of any challenge. Elsewhere, in 2017, the iPhone X is undoubtedly the most outstanding smartphones product, and led the major handset manufacturers, “full screen” products are followed. This Oneplus 5T, of course, isn’t any exception, joined the full screen. So, then I’ll talk about the looks of this phone.

Design And Appearance

Oneplus 5T provides 2 kinds of appearance, 2 kinds of memory storage combination, the author of this color for the stars black, 8 +128 GB version. Oneplus 5T packaging, and Oneplus 5 the same.

The most intuitive changes, Oneplus 5T with a “full screen”, which is present and most domestic full-screen smartphones mistreatment a similar program used, Oneplus 5T is the mainstream full screen using 6.01 inches 2160x1080P design, screen Accounting for 80.5%, the new machine also joined the face recognition and different functions. Full screen without increasing the overall size of the fuselage under the premise into a larger screen, making the phone more broad field of vision, full screen is actually the core of the screen ratio changes, which makes the user expertise more immersive.

But, this piece of screen Oneplus or heart to regulate, a conference call this AMOLED screen is known as Full Optic, through software algorithms and adjustments will automatically adapt to the glare environment, to produce a higher visual experience. Oneplus 5T The Samsung AMOLED screen continues to be selected, while the delicate degree Oneplus 5T compared with Oneplus 5 has not modified, the 2 screen pixel density is the same. but now the main focus isn’t pixel density, due to Oneplus 5T or spent plenty of time on the screen to debug.

Oneplus 5T provides users with four different display modes, as well as DCI-P3 wide color gamut mode and sRGB mode. The RGB sensor almost like Apple’s Ture tone, Oneplus 5T users will sRGB, DCI-P3, adaptive, custom and so on many selections. And coated with 2.5D arc panels and 5 generations of gorilla protective glass. Oneplus 5T front ar camera, sensor, handset, but also the only open hole on the front screen.

Oneplus 5T also equipped with face to unlock, the measured unlock speed is very fast, and unlock directly into the desktop, terribly convenient. I found in the test 5T face recognition speed is incredibly fast, but the recognition rate can’t be 100. Oneplus also said that this feature remains good, the future accuracy rate will be higher.

The Oneplus 5T equipped with Android 7.1.1 system, a promise will be updated to the 8.0 system in the first quarter of next year, the beta version by the end. For the previous Oneplus 3 and 3T, the official can get an 8.0 upgrade by the end of this year.

Oneplus 5T remains using a great metal body design, the rear of the arc to permit more comfortable holding. Oneplus 5T power button/lock screen is located on the right aspect of the body, the volume button is found on the left. Another Oneplus still retains a special scene mode switch button, permitting users to quickly ring, mute or don’t disturb mode switch.

Oneplus T5 inherited Oneplus 5 sleek body, the flat back of the fuselage in the area close to the curvature of the arc, with rounded edges around the phone border, holding once the phone will be more stickers and palms, thus when you pick up Oneplus 5T, giving the primary impression is thin, you’ll simply hold the one hand, the fuselage is very rounded corners, the transition is very natural, which makes the whole fuselage Hold in your hand is incredibly snug, the front of the screen and the body appearance seamless. in order to accommodate the display, Oneplus 5T helpless rear-fingerprint unlock button to return to the back of the logo.

The overall design, the aluminum fuselage still continues the rounded style, “double C” antenna partition, it looks there are no such a conspicuous traditional programs, the border also saved the previous generation of attractive models alignment. At the same time Oneplus 5T metal body scrub impact than Oneplus 5 more detailed, the concept and feel are considerably improved.

The upper part of the rear of the phone is a camera and a flash. although the camera features a protruding part, a slightly protruding metal buildup is used together with a bright black metal ring embedded in the camera. the overall appearance looks terribly delicate. will be Tucao like iPhone, but this is definitely the most effective solution for the camera raised currently consider.

Oneplus 5T on the right side of the phone provides 2 Nano SIM card slot, support full Netcom network standard. Oneplus 5T still choose to keep the 3.5mm headphone jack and Type-C interface. The left is the volume button and the “Do not disturb mode” shortcut switch, the semi-arc phone seems to have not yet 7.25mm thick. the dimensions of 156.1mm * 75mm are simply right in your hand, and it is simple to carry with one hand. Like Liu Zuhu talked regarding at the conference, the phone backplane astringent Oneplus 5T, feel is exquisite.

Lastly the body design there’s a modification but found that the foundation of this change is that you used or owned Oneplus 5 may be found. Oneplus 5T rear camera bump sense more obvious than the previous generation. an Authentic website the answer to the Oneplus question is that the camera module leaves less room for the camera components thanks to the larger screen size and the proportion of the camera body. The camera module cannot hold the size of the crumb thus it’s to be slightly larger.

Camera Test

Oneplus 5T rear 16MP (Sony IMX398) +2MP (Sony IMX376K) dual camera, the unit pixel size is 1.12μm and 1.0μm, are F / 1.7 aperture. Compared to the current mainstream flagship phone, Oneplus 5T features a higher number of pixels. Oneplus 5T dual shot although it’s like Oneplus 5, the design of the 2 is fully different. 2 sensors are from Sony, focus on low light shooting. Oneplus 5T support professional model camera, the user can set some parameters. additionally, 5T also supports portrait mode, bokeh effect more natural. it’s price mentioning that the user presses the fingerprint sensor will take photos, it’s to boost the convenience of taking one-handed images.

Oneplus 5T rear dual camera using a wide-angle + telephoto combination, portrait mode and support for 2 times optical zoom, proofs from the on top of 2 groups may be seen Oneplus 5T sample color is more pleasing to the attention, and once shooting green grass open Portrait mode after the bokeh ability is also superb, the phone has been able to a certain extent, the simulation SLR large aperture effect.

In the case of without portrait mode, shooting close-range, Oneplus 5T still has a smart blur effect. Oneplus 5T portrait technology by leaps and bounds, after a few months of training compared to Oneplus 5 increased plenty, not solely did not appear to smear serious effect, and the transition in the natural is natural.

Oneplus 5T also video performance has been upgraded, the new support for 4K 30fps, 1080P / 60fps shooting. additionally, there are many little features, like an increase of WeChat voice and small video noise reduction function, for WeChat users may be quite useful.

Oneplus 5T into a high degree of color saturation, rich color with AMOLED display, extremely please the user’s eyes. and because both cameras support PDAF phase focus and DualPixel all-pixel focusing, thus Oneplus 5’s focus speed is very fast, even in low light scenes, when manual focus Oneplus 5T field will do without procrastination to finish Coke. So, let Oneplus 5T in low light will focus on the purity of the screen, will not deliberately increase the exposure. In general, the noise reduction effect is very smart at that 20MP camera.

Oneplus 5T in low light can automatically turn on a 20MP camera, this camera can start four-pixel technology to confirm the purity of the screen. don’t know if there is a technical reserve to do the end of Oneplus 5T is indeed daring, extreme scenes up to ISO9600, 1/17 second shutter combination for both noise reduction or user stability is a test.

Battery Test

Oneplus 5T on the natural and ultimately, Dash flash charge blessing, equipped with a Type-C interface, that permits fast-break technology to take for granted. 3300mAh battery blessing, but also to form Oneplus 5T battery life more lasting, I routine use of a day, no charge at night, to 50% of the remaining power the next morning, this point or let the author glad.

With a large battery and fast charging is naturally a major project to evaluate a cell phone. we can see from the following charging curve, charging from 0.33 charge, half an hour is full of 62 of the electricity, may be said to be quite rapid, and fully charged it takes about 85 minutes. Charging speed is superb for a 3300mAh battery.


This Oneplus 5T offers a wide variety of updates for users both fans and for non-fans of the brand. This is the best phone of the brand that has manufactured so far and can easily compete with the best phones in the market. The increase of the screen is quite acceptable and facial recognition is more than welcome. The camera has improved a lot and the hardware is simply powerful.

The Oneplus 5T is suitable for any type of user, especially for those who do not want to invest large amounts of money in phones such as Apple, Samsung or Google. And even if it does not have a QHD resolution, an outstanding camera or stereo speakers, it is still a very good option to choose with respect to the quality – price. You can use coupon code: BJ5T for Oneplus 5T International Version RAM 6GB ROM 64GB at $478.99 and coupon code: T5GBBJ for Oneplus 5T RAM 8GB at $552.99. 

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