OnePlus 6 Edge Concept: Makes Us Dream About Curved Screen In This Smartphone


After a breakthrough entry into the Android market in 2014, China’s OnePlus has gradually captivated consumers’ attention. Your initial premise? Launch a real top of the range at a very attractive price. This has been accomplished over the years and now we are already looking forward to its sixth iteration. Can the company surprise us with a OnePlus 6 Edge?

Okay, Oneplus 6 is on the way. Nobody has doubts about that. The rumors are beginning to emerge and, on the other hand, we do not have any kind of indicator that leads us to believe that the company gives up the smartphone market.

Looking now into the future, will we see a OnePlus 6 Edge being introduced next year? This is pure speculation, as there is not yet any indicator for the launch of this equipment, at least with this nomenclature. There may even be a model 6 with a curved screen but without this designation. Who knows?

OnePlus 6 Edge? Who knows, the company will not surprise us with this Android But while this is not checked, nothing prevents us from dreaming and idealizing what this equipment could be. That’s why there are well-known concepts, idealizations of someone, most of the time inspired by rumors that are known until a certain moment.

Thus is born a concept of OnePlus 6 Edge, which as the name indicates it stands out from its predecessors by having a screen with curved sides. This concept was created by Science and Knowledge and if this Android smartphone comes to confirm, we have a very interesting proposal here.

The source video for this article is available below so you can see the full details of this hypothetical OnePlus 6 Edge.

The creators of the concept of this Android smartphone still give their bet to the specifications of it. They do not escape much of what is observable. We have a Snapdragon 845, 6GB or 8GB RAM processor and 64GB, 128GB or 256GB internal memory options. At the photographic level, a dual main camera with 19MP and 16MP sensors, both with an f / 1.6 focal aperture. Already in the front would have a sensor of 16MP with the same aperture of the previous ones and OxygenOS 5.0 comes pre-installed on the phone, on top of Android 8.0 Oreo.

When will OnePlus 6 Edge arrive? Well, very recent rumors raise the possibility of it being officialized as early as March 2018. To materialize would be a clear anticipation in the usual schedule that the company places for the launch of its new products. It should be noted that OnePlus 5 was introduced in June of year 2017.

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