Oneplus 6 Smartphone Leaked: Same Face ID as iPhone X, No Fringe


iPhone X is the one which can be very close to ultimate bezelless product, although it has fringe design which has been not satisfied by users, in technology, it is the top one, the goal is to improve display space, the second one is  to come with more powerful face ID function.

According to Android Marvel, a reliable news expert leaked Oneplus 6 will confirm to use more advanced face ID solution, and its general technology level is similar to iPhone X. It is said that Oneplus 6 face unlocking components will include Infrared dot matrix projection module, deep sensing, but it will not use fringe screen, in other words, it will still remain complete forehead.

In fact, Oneplus 5T has added face ID, but it depends on front camera, once you want to unlock your phone at night, it will not work well to unlock, however, Iphone X has Infrared sensor on its FACE ID, which can avoid this technology issue.

Of course, the price of components of its Face ID is quite expensive, hope Oneplus 6 will still sell at stable price like Oneplus 5t, which should be the biggest wish for its fans.

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As for its specs, Oneplus 6 will use Snapdragon 845 processor and RAM 8GB which has no other question. Just guess how much it will sell?

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