OnePlus 6: Speed ​​Test Shows That It Is Faster Than iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9


The OnePlus 6 was presented the day before yesterday at a London event. A phone with powerful technical features and features that aficionados of new technologies will appreciate. And who says new model says clash against two giants in the middle known to provide some power: the Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone X. The YouTube Web Hacks channel has therefore delivered a small speed test in real time.

The opportunity to discover which of these premium models is the fastest. As a reminder, the OnePlus 6 is still equipped with a Snapdragon 845 processor coupled with 8 GB of RAM. But then which phone among the Chinese, the American and the Korean came out the winner of the competition? Result in the video below!

But then what is this speed test in real time? Simple: speed test phones launch a series of similar applications. The first round measures how fast the processor is able to run the app with its version of Android and its software optimization – OnePlus and Samsung offer overlays on phones. A second round usually proposes to discover how the RAM is managed – unfortunately not present in this video, but no doubt it should happen soon.

On this speed test, the OnePlus 6 arrives a short head first with a score of 44 seconds. The Apple iPhone X – offering the best facial recognition of the market and a price of more than 1000 euros – displays 47 seconds. The OnePlus 5T, also present in this test, displays 47 seconds against 51.63 seconds for the Galaxy S9 which arrives last.

What conclusion to draw from this speed test? The OnePlus 6 offers even more optimization than other phones. The OnePlus 5T is still in the race despite an older release than the Samsung Galaxy S9. Suffice to say speed level, the Chinese manufacturer has kept his promises to future owners of the flagship!

Although this test certainly does not meet any scientific or statistical requirements, it gives at least a good first impression of how fast the OnePlus 6 really is. Whether the new phone is really so fixed on the road, buyers can check from 22 May.

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