OnePlus 6: New Spectacular Renderings of the Next Flagship Killer Arrive With 10GB Ram


OnePlus has been synonymous with speed for several years, and not only in terms of smartphone performance but also about the pace of new models released on the market. In the second quarter of last year, the debut of OnePlus 5, and half a year later refreshed OnePlus 5T. This pace is to be kept together with another premiere.In accordance with the naming rules, the Oneplus’s next-generation Smartphone should be the Oneplus 6, which is more concerned about the foreign media is a popular flagship device.

Today a Foreign media released a set of hands on the concept of the Upcoming smartphone and its design is looking stunning with stronger configuration, higher screen share.

As we can see in the concept render, Oneplus 6 uses a full-screen design and its screen size is 6.4 inches with 2k screen resolution. The screen aspect ratio is looking 19: 9 with very narrow border, the bottom of the phone is basically completely canceled under the border. Allegedly its single front lens will support 6 times optical zoom and effective pixels up to 34MP to support 1080p video recording.

OnePlus 6 will be still used metallic design so it seems that Oneplus 6 will not be equipped with wireless charging module and wireless charging support. As the flagship handset, without the wireless charging technology, then the competitiveness will be greatly reduced.

in terms of performance, this oneplus 6 alleged phone will use Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. The smartphone should arrive with 10GB of Ram memory for more multitasking and higher performance along with 128GB permanent storage space on board there may be Android Oreo and the battery will have a higher amperage, it is thought to be from 4000mAh. Although it does not support wireless charging technology, all top advanced hardware configuration is making it a very powerful smartphone.

Since the OnePlus 5 has a dual camera, the same is expected of its successor. The concept emphasizes that the OnePlus 6 will come with a 75MP dual-chamber with 12x optical zoom support configuration (but its position is changed) accompanied by a dual LED flash positioned between the two sensors and the fuselage designed a fingerprint identification module, which also shows a mobile phone 6 will not be equipped with screen fingerprint recognition technology.

As you can in the concept that Oneplus 6 have 3 color variations, Rose Gold, Grey and Gold. For the moment, we just have to wait to see if these renders – very sparse and simple at the moment – are taking more form. A OnePlus without frames, at a good price, what else can you ask for a phone?

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