OnePlus 6T: Concept Design With Essential Notch, Perfect Three Shots


Recently, Oppo and Vivo have launched new mobile phones, and the lift camera design adopted by vivo and OPPO has made us amazing. Some media have exposed a set of OnePlus 6T renderings on the Internet. It can be understood that some of the rear-mounted dual-camera phones are similar in design to vivo and Huawei P20Pro.

According to the exposure Design, the screen size of a OnePlus 6T is almost close to the full screen. The comprehensive screen can be said to be the trend indicator of the mobile phone industry. It is very popular among consumers, and it is a good time to add a mobile phone 6T. Vivo and OPPO are the leaders of mobile phones in terms of comprehensive screen design.

The OnePlus 6T concept design has three colors of red and black and white, and the color training is still less than official. The overall design style of the mobile phone continues OnePlus 6, and the front Notch is changed to a Very Short on the screen. The screen display area is larger and the width of the lower border is narrower. The biggest attraction on the back of the phone is the vertical three-shot design, followed by the flash and brand logo.

We can’t find the area where the fingerprint is unlocked. Is it only the phone ID unlocking method mentioned above? No, no, its technological content is far more than that. This phone is also equipped with a fingerprint to unlock function under the screen, double unlocking, more convenient and more assured.

This OnePlus 6T uses a rear three-lens design, which is another three-lens design mobile phone after Huawei P20Pro. The three-lens design makes the photo clearer and more textured. It seems that OnePlus 6T will be a cheer for the young lady who likes to take pictures.

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In Terms Of OnePlus 6, OnePlus 6T Should Add More Popular Features, Such As Wireless Charging. In Addition, The Phone Should Follow The Performance Configuration Of The Snapdragon 845.

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