OnePlus 6T Real Concept: Screen Fingerprint, Three Rear Lenses, Better Notch


OnePlus 6T as an upgraded version of OnePlus 6, there are actually many uncertain factors. For example, whether the number of rear cameras will increase, whether the rear fingerprint recognition module will be redesigned, and so on. In fact, the fingerprint recognition and rear three lenses are already relatively mature design solutions, and there are precedents. Therefore, the overall appearance is still very good.

OnePlus Phones has always been known for its cost performance. This brand was established in just five years, and it can be said that it is one of the most well-known domestic mobile phones in foreign countries. Cost-effective, powerful, and the value is quite good.

However, the rear-mounted three-lens of the OnePlus 6T can be completely considered. At present, various three-lens versions of mobile phones have released concept maps. Even the next generation of iPhoneX products will be said to have a three-lens version, so as a mainstream design, one Adding a OnePlus 6T design and rearing the three lenses is not difficult, and everyone is also looking forward to this design of the rear three lenses.

From the front, the flattening ratio of OnePlus 6T is further improved, the chin is almost invisible, and it is suspected that the COP packaging process is adopted. At the top of the phone, there are still bangs, but the range is small, only the earpiece, front camera, distance sensor. The bottom of the phone still retains the TYPE-C interface and 3.5mm headphone jack, giving a good rating, the speaker is placed on the right side of the fuselage.

There is no post-fingerprint, you can see that the machine has a screen fingerprint recognition area, it should be equipped with the screen fingerprint function, so the back fingerprint is discarded. In the concept picture of a OnePlus 6T, the fingerprint recognition module on the back of the sensor is gone. If there is neither a fingerprint recognition module nor a face recognition unlock, then the possibility of using the screen fingerprint recognition to unlock the OnePlus 6T is very large. And the technology of fingerprint recognition and unlocking under the screen is very mature at present, and it can be said that there is no difficulty at all.

The OnePlus 6T will add a face recognition unlocking module in addition to the original front camera and earpiece in Notch. Therefore, the foreign media believes that the OnePlus 6T can completely upgrade this function. It is not a problem to equip this design.

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Although this is only a concept map, it may be a little different from the real mass production, but it basically summarizes the fans’ good news about the 2018 next Smartphone and hopes that such a mobile phone can be produced as soon as possible. One plus mobile phone 6T uses rear three-lens design and screen fingerprint recognition to unlock, these two new technologies will you like it? Do you think that the rear three-lens design of the OnePlus 6T is very beautiful?

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