OnePlus 6T Mockups Show a Tiny Notch Like Oppo R17 (Video Concept Inside)


The OnePlus 6T was just teased in a smartphone release from OPPO, in a device called OPPO R17. This device takes on some of the best qualities of its predecessors and makes for a new smartphone that’s ready to do battle with the best smartphones in the world. It doesn’t look like the sort of competitor you’d expect from a company you’ve (maybe) never heard of. So what’s it got to do with the OnePlus 6T?

OPPO and OnePlus are maybe kinda sorta owned by the same people. They might maybe also perhaps have some sort of connection in their manufacturing lines, and their parts suppliers. They might also have a few of the same industrial designers – we can’t be entirely sure. But we’re pretty sure.

And based on what we’ve seen over the past few years, it looks pretty reasonable to believe that whatever the OPPO R smartphone line does, the OnePlus’ main smartphone is going to do next. Today that means it’s going to have a new sort of notch in its display. A good notch.

The notch we’re looking at here is pretty nice. It’s not like the first smartphone display notch, that one delivered by Essential Phone in the PH-1. It has one camera, true, but it’s not as flat-sided as that first notch. Here we’ve got a small notch with very gradual inclines on its left and its right.

Here we’ve got design finesse. Here we’ve got the sort of device design that we’d expect from industrial designers that go hardcore on their finessing of every single pixel – who do you know who does that? Which company do you know out there takes the time to obsess over hardware design details in their product presentations? Here that smart design comes to Android in the OPPO R17.

What immediately stands out about the R17 is its notch. While Apple carved a huge chunk out of the top of the iPhone X display to make room for the notch, the notch on the R17 is just a small half-circle dipping down from the top bezel. It is about as inoffensive as a notch could possibly be from a design standpoint, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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If OnePlus does take this phone and turn it into the OnePlus 6T, we should hear all about it in the coming months. Let’s hope that notch is as small in real life as it is in the render. It could really put Google to shape with that giant Pixel 3 XL Notch.

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