OnePlus 6T: Real Phone is Exposed With Snapdragon 855, Three Rear Cameras


Most of the flagship mobile phones in the second half of 2018 using full screen, screen fingerprint unlocking, and self-timer lens, and these new technologies are expected to appear on Huawei Mate 20, Galaxy Note 9 and new iPhone. Will OnePlus, which will be released by the new flagship phone in the second half of 2018, will join the above major functions?

Recently, it has been reported that the upgraded One Plus 6T of One Plus 6 will be greatly improved in function. From the renderings of the recent outflow, the One Plus 6T is equipped with three lenses as the Huawei P20 Pro, and in order to switch to the extremely high screen ratio design, it is understood that it will be higher than the Find X. On the self-timer lens, Switch to an upgraded self-timer lens. If true, it will be aligned with OPPO Find X and vivo NEX. As for the unlocking scheme, the One Plus 6T will have two unlocking methods: face unlocking and screen fingerprint unlocking.

One plus 6T will absorb the essence of OV, adopting a lift lens design similar to vivoNEX, and it is a double-shot of lifting, while also removing the lower border, bringing the more shocking vision to the mobile phone. It is said that the screen size of this OnePlus 6T comes with the 6.4-inch high-definition display touchscreen design, and the color value of the screen reaches 16 million pixels, the resolution is 1440X2880 pixels, the maximum resolution is 4K level, with 18.5: The scale design of 9 is even more beautiful and amazing.

In the photo, one plus performance is also quite good, and as the main selling point of the mobile phone, one plus 6T can be said to add enough horsepower. It is said that the addition of 6T will be based on the three-camera design, using 1600W+4100W+800W three rear camera combinations, while also supporting AI portrait, optical zoom and other functions, the smaller Huawei P20 Pro rhythm, with effective pixels reaching 16MP + 8MP, supporting 2X optical zoom design, support HDR self-portrait and face automatic beauty function, support 3D structure light face recognition unlock function.

This design definitely works well, and this OnePlus 6T is equipped with two recognition technologies: 3D structured light and offline fingerprint recognition unlock function. This OnePlus 6 body material look above, with a glass material to design its body, the glass material is Connie Gorilla glass 6 material. And also built a 5000 mAh large battery capacity, no need to worry about battery life, a flagship mobile phone worth looking forward to, also supports QC3.0 fast charging interface, support wireless charging technology, wireless fast charging function.

Comprehensive aspects, OnePlus 6T design, powerful hardware configuration. It should be the flagship Phones of the Snapdragon 845 that everyone is looking forward to in 2018. then the next generation OnePlus 6T with 855 processor is the best choice. In the running memory with 6GB, 8GB two specifications, storage space with a 128GB start, maximum support for 512GB of storage space, performance is very strong.

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The performance and appearance of this OnePlus 6T phone are very good, do not know if you like the type? If this OnePlus 6T is really on sale, would you support it? At the same time, what do you think is the price of the OnePlus 6T?

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