OnePlus 6T Real Phone Exposure: Water Drop Screen, Screen Fingerprint Technology!


Speaking of OnePlus mobile phone manufacturers, if they are concerned, they will know that OnePlus is about to launch its latest flagship phone – OnePlus 6T! However, what kind of function does this OnePlus 6T carry? Is there a more powerful breakthrough in technology? Recently, some netizens have sent a few real photos that are suspected to be OnePlus 6T!

From the perspective of the real phone, this screen is suspected to be a full-screen screen for the OnePlus 6T. It seems that the trend of the water-drop screen has gradually replaced the already-popped notch! In addition, in another real phone photo, it can be clearly seen that the shadow of the fingerprint recognition technology will be adopted in this OnePlus 6T! The OnePlus 6T will feature a 6.4-inch full HD AMOLED screen, 8GB of memory, 25MP front-facing cameras and 16MP/5MP dual-lens rear-facing cameras.

OnePlus was originally intended to use the on-screen fingerprint unlocking technology on OnePlus 5T. Because the screen fingerprint unlocking technology at the time was not mature enough to meet the fast and smooth user experience standards provided by OnePlus, it was postponed to OnePlus 6T. In addition, there are rumors that it will be equipped with a rear three camera. I don’t know if this brand, known as the “flagship killer”, can still maintain its original status? Let us wait and see!

OnePlus may also introduce new color options for OnePlus 6T. While OnePlus 5 is only available in black and grey as a color option, the OnePlus 6T is also available in red and white. The OnePlus 6T is available in four different colors.

Earlier, OnePlus released a OnePlus 6T mobile phone preview in the Indian market, indicating that this mobile phone is about to arrive in India in a short period of time. I did not expect that the Indian market that has released the trailer has no further information on the mobile phone. The photo has already been exposed! In fact, I have exposed the OnePlus 6T box earlier, and the inside also implies that OnePlus 6T will use the fingerprint unlock technology on the screen

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In addition, the price of OnePlus 6T will be the same as that of OnePlus 6. The price of OnePlus 6 starts at 529 US dollars (3600 yuan), and the price of OnePlus 6T will be around 3600-4000 yuan ($530-580). OnePlus 6T will be officially released in mid-October. Are you looking forward to this phone?

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