Oneplus 6T Will Be Equipped With 3D Structured Light and Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Also Dare to Claim the Strongest Flagship?


Oneplus has an unclear relationship with the OPPO, Oneplus 5 and 5T was release in 2017 that is simply a copycat of Oppo R11 and Oppo R11s. Losing the design that’s not going to be known as by the media sources as a “dare”, in fact, Oneplus. The generation is copying the design of Find 7 and this is really nothing to complain about.

What really makes one successful addition isn’t design, but superior configuration. The hardware of each Smartphone is the best one for each generation. There are countless resources to pay for it. Oneplus 6 configuration is the prime specs of the industry that’s Snapdragon 845 as well as 8GB and 256GB of internal storage portfolio is still the first Antutu rankings, its price is 3199 yuan that’s 100 yuan cheaper than Oneplus 5T.

The trendy “Notch” is full of confidence in Oneplus 6. He believes that this may be the largest Smartphone ever sold in history. in order to fulfill the requirements of users, it deliberately prepares goods one month in advance. It turns out that Notch’s approach is correct of Oneplus 6. Enter the sales rankings every day to prove the success of this latest flagship.

If there’s not much accident, Oneplus 6 is followed by Oneplus 6T. according to the company plan, the time to market will certainly be ahead of schedule and may be released before October.

Oneplus 6T will be Oneplus 6 like it? It depends on the OPPO R15s to decide if the OPPO R15s cancels the chin, then there’ll be no chin on the Oneplus 6T, certainly, there’ll be bangs, OPPO Find X has used the 3D structure light, Oneplus 6T will certainly Have. Here we’ve got a good news is that Oneplus 6T finally canceled the Rear mounted fingerprint sensor.

Oneplus 6T configuration will definitely be upgraded again. in addition to 8GB of RAM with 256GB internal storage, there’ll be an 8GB + 512GB versions. The camera also will be greatly upgraded, and it should use the same camera module as we will see in Oppo Find X. the price will certainly be more expensive.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will use an under-the-screen fingerprint. thanks to its unique design, there’s certainly no 3D structured light. As a result, both flagships can only use a single function. In the end, what do you think which one will be more popular Oneplus 6T 3D structure light or Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Under-Screen fingerprint?

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