OnePlus 7: A Retailer Filters the Price and Specs of This Flagship


The OnePlus 7 has been the subject of numerous leaks in recent weeks, but none has been as large as that made by the retailer Giztop, since it has published an image of the terminal, a list of specifications and a sale price.

A few days ago we told you that the OnePlus 7 was going to have a new format all screen that would reduce the edges to its minimum expression, thanks to the commitment to a retractable camera system (periscope type) , an approach that is generally more interesting and less “aggressive” than the vertical sliding finishes that we have seen in other top end terminals, such as the Xioami Mi MIX 3, for example.

This design is confirmed in the list that Giztop has made since as you can see in the image in the specifications list it is clearly indicated that the front camera is the retractable type. The rest of the specifications listed fit with what we had been seeing before, so in general, there are no surprises.

The GizTop account, the web responsible for revealing the supposed OnePlus 7, that the following model of the Chinese manufacturer will have a considerable diagonal screen. An AMOLED with nothing more and nothing less than 6.5 inches that could be completely clean of cuts and ‘notches’ thanks to its front camera, 16MP, would be hidden in the body. A camera pop up like the view already in the Nex de Vivo, for example.

For the brain, OnePlus would opt for the Snapdragon 855, a logical movement being already in 2019, and with two models of both RAM and storage, we do not know if they would fit in two or more variations. We know there will be a OnePlus with 8GB and another with 12GB of RAM, and at least two models with 128GB and 256GB of internal storage. And of course, trey to add another 256GB through a microSD.

In addition to this 16MP front camera, the OnePlus 7 would have a trio of rear sensors. 48MP as main sensor, 20MP as a secondary sensor and a last 5MP sensor that we assume will be in charge of depth readings. All seasoned, as it could not be otherwise, by an artificial intelligence responsible for offering blurring and other additions.

For the battery, 4000mAh with fast charge Dash Charge of up to44W, approximately 5.5V and 8A. The phone should arrive with Android 9.0 Pie in the form of Oxygen OS 9, and as it appears on the web, with “the fastest screen unlocking in the world”. We assume that with a fingerprint reader under the screen, but this is yet to be confirmed.

GizTop places the basic model of this OnePlus 7 at $569 and shows it currently as “without stock”. There will be time to check if all these specifications are true or not and if it finally lands at this price. And, of course, how many models we will see. Although observing the models of previous years, we could only be before two variants. A OnePlus 7 with 8GB / 128GB and a superior model with 12GB / 256GB. We’ll see.

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