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Everyone is familiar with the one plus phone! This is a mobile phone manufacturer that is a flagship product of the niche. The founders Liu Zuohu and OV have a lot of ties, so it is not surprising that there is a plus. It is important that the supply chains of the three mobile phone manufacturers are almost identical. This years OnePlus 7 will also be like this, one plus the main overseas market, the ultimate performance experience and design powder absorption, I do not know if you like it?  OnePlus 7 is solid, released in April, both value and performance, it is no wonder that Liu Zuohu calm!
Recently, the news of the mobile phone market has been continuous, starting from Xiaomi 9, later IQOO, and then OPPO Reno’s diverse warm-up. In recent days, Huawei’s P30 series mobile phones have been released. Until now, the most anticipated ones are Jiajia 7 and Meizu. The 16s also showed their footsteps. One plus seven is already in place. A new product launch will be held in April. Both the value and the performance are both. It is no wonder that Liu Zuohu is very calm and not at all anxious!

The bigger market for OnePlus the mobile phone is actually overseas. Every time a new product launch conference, the physical store with one mobile phone will usher in a huge buying craze. This is the market sales situation that Apple Samsung has not encountered in recent years. It is quite successful in the mobile phone industry. If you don’t go the wrong way, then one plus will have a better future market sales pattern!

OnePlus 7 is solid, released in April, both value and performance, it is no wonder that Liu Zuohu calm!
OnePlus 7 will adopt the full screen solution consistent with vivo X27, that is, the pop-up front camera realizes self-timer, which is also the main design concept after OPPO Reno. The rear camera of the fuselage will adopt the non-prominent craft, real Realizing that the camera does not protrude, this can be said to be a big selling point! The screen ratio of the front of the mobile phone can be 94%, and it is imaginable how amazing the front screen ratio.

On the hardware, there is no doubt that one will use the most powerful Snapdragon 855, equipped with the sixth generation of the new screen fingerprint unlocking scheme, the rear three cameras, the main camera will be the IMX 586 sensor, the pixel points reached 48MP, The official counter-marking millet’s luxury camera module solution, this time plus upgraded the new Dash flash charger, 3600mAh battery capacity, and upgraded battery life.

OnePlus 7 is solid, released in April, both value and performance, it is no wonder that Liu Zuohu calm!
In addition, OnePlus 7 will also support the new game Turbo technology, Tencent’s exclusive optimization concept, better bring high-quality user experience to mobile games, and the only regret is that there is no wireless charging function! One plus product design concept has been consistent with OV in recent years, and even the process design of mobile phones, screen materials, flash memory modules, camera modules have great similarities, so you can pass the OV new machine. The idea is to infer the flagship process design.

Therefore, OnePlus 7 is definitely a very good flagship mobile phone, both process design, and hardware performance will be very excellent, especially compared to OV has a more powerful hardware processor, which is probably the most concerned about many people! The personal look is good, OnePlus 7 will be upgraded in the system UI, even the native Android, is still very optimistic about the fluency and practicality of OnePlus!

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OnePlus 7 is solid, released in April, both value and performance, it is no wonder that Liu Zuohu calm!
Such OnePlus 7 will be released after the OPPO Reno conference, the price will probably start at 3,299 yuan ($491.68), do you like it?

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