Oneplus 7 Series All Standard UFS 3.0 Memory to Read an Image to Understand How Fast It Is


Recently, XDA Developers, a well-known and trustworthy resource, confirmed (referring to a person dedicated to the development process) that the OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone uses very fast UFS 3.0 memory. And a few hours ago this data has been confirmed officially by OnePlus CEO Pete Lau.

Oneplus 7 standard UFS 3.0 memory has become an indisputable fact, but how fast is it? In fact, many users do not have an intuitive impression of this, because it is difficult to find a model equipped with UFS 3.0 memory in the market, so most people do not have the standard of judging the speed. Today, We will explain to you that what is UFS 3.0 memory and how fast it is!

First of all, what is UFS flash? UFS Flash, the full name of Universal Flash Storage which is a storage specification published by the JEDEC authority, the world leader in the development of microelectronics industry standards. Different standards for UFS flash represent different levels of storage technology. UFS 3.0 is currently the latest and faster storage standard.

How fast is UFS 3.0? If you compare flash memory to UFS 2.1 that is fast and UFS 3.0 is fastest. In addition to the significant improvement in the fast reading and writing of information and materials. After using UFS 3.0, the game is loaded into the battlefield, and the progress bar will always be one step faster than others; when the giant album is viewed, the photo display always outperforms your vision; when copying the ultra-high-definition movie and TV series, the speed will be significantly improved.

Through the AndroBench test, the sequential read and write speeds of UFS 2.1 models are 697.79MB/S and 131.46MB/S, while the sequential read and write speeds of UFS 3.0 models are 1418.22MB/S and 373.82MB/S. For more speed differences, you can refer to the above figure.

Given that the OnePlus 7 Pro will be quite expensive, the use of UFS 3.0 memory in the more affordable OnePlus 7 models is good news for those who are looking to the latest.

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