OnePlus 7: We Expect These Things From the Upcoming Flagship


The year has just started and we have already arrived at the end of CES 2019. There we were again introduced to all kinds of new gadgets and OnePlus is in the meantime preparing for the arrival of the OnePlus 7 later in the year. Of course, this comes with improvements compared to its predecessor and we expect at least these five things.

This year we, therefore, expect an improved in-display fingerprint scanner. OnePlus has indicated that the 6T sensor gets smarter and faster every time and hopefully, this feature will also work a bit better with the OnePlus 7.

Something else that we expect to see at the OnePlus 7 is the hole punch. Last year was marked by the noth, but this year smartphone makers seem to find a little hole in the display for the selfie camera a lot more exciting. OnePlus is a smartphone maker who quickly anticipates trends and last year the OnePlus 6 was the first device of the company with a notch. The OnePlus 6T also came with an inlet, but the new notch looked a lot more elegant and came in the form of a drop. It now seems only logical that the next step is a hole punch for the OnePlus 7.

Apart from the in-display fingerprint scanner and the hole punch, it also seems to be a trend to process as many cameras as possible on a smartphone. It started with the double camera, but soon smartphone designers seemed to go crazy. Now a triple camera seems to be reasonably standard and we expect OnePlus to join in with their flagship killer of 2019. On a recently leaked photo is also a fairly large camera module to see, where surely at least three lenses should be included to fit.

OnePlus has been known for a while for its Fast Charge charging system, with which you can recharge your device in half an hour within half an hour. This year, however, we expect Warp Charge with the OnePlus 7. This faster system was introduced last year at the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition and ensures that your device is recharged for 50 percent in just 20 minutes. And since OnePlus has the tech, it would be strange if the OnePlus 7 would appear with the normal Fast Charge.

Last but not least, it is only logical that the OnePlus 7 will be equipped with Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 855 chipset this year. This should provide for various improvements. For example, the chipset would be 45 percent faster than its predecessor, delivering 20 percent better GPU performance and bringing the AI capabilities of the OnePlus 7 to a whole new level.

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