OnePlus 9 Code-named Lemonade will Return to Verizon Hinted by Oxygen OS code


According to foreign developers XDA-Developers, in the US smartphone market, mobile phone manufacturers mostly cooperate with telecom operators to sell products. Oneplus 9 may return to Verizon, according to OxygenOS’ code.

The last phone that OnePlus released on Verizon was OnePlus 8 5G UW, a special version of OnePlus 8 with mmWave antennas supporting for Verizon’s 5G UWB network. The phone is also IP68 water resistant.

Early last month, we learned that XDA member Some_Random_Username had discovered the code name lemonade for Oneplus 9 series. In particular, there are five variations of Lemonade, which, based on the oneplus code name, identifies these devices as:

Lemonade — oneplus nine

Lemonadet — T-Mobile oneplus 9

Lemonadev — Verizon Oneplus 9

Lemonadep — oneplus 9 Pro

Lemonadept — T-Mobile oneplus 9 Pro

Now, from the latest APK in the Settings app, Some_Random_Username has also found more evidence that Lemonadev will be the Oneplus smartphone that supports Verizon’s network. Also, this line of phones code-named Lemonade will run Qualcomm inc. ‘s flagship processor.


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