OnePlus 9 Hands-on: Hasselblad Cameras is the Highlight of Phone


OnePlus’ annual flagship OnePlus 9 series officially met with us. OnePlus 9 series has two models, the OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus 9 Pro, both equipped with Snapdragon 888 processors. In terms of screens and systems, There have also been major upgrades, especially the system. The hydrogen OS of “Wan Nian Tucao” has finally become history, and it has been replaced with the more practical ColorOS. This has also made many former cheers call “the hydrogen knot”.

Of course, the one that attracts the most attention of the cheering people is the OnePlus 丨 Hasselblad mobile phone imaging system jointly created with Hasselblad. The imaging field’s full force makes this generation of the OnePlus 9 have extremely excellent imaging performance. The official It is positioned as the “video phone emperor”.

Design & Appearance

Let’s talk more about the design of the OnePlus 9. The first feeling of holding the OnePlus 9 in your hand is that it reduces a lot, especially since the body’s thickness is only 8.1mm and the weight of 183g. It feels like holding it with one hand. Has been greatly improved.

In terms of colour matching, the OnePlus 9 has three colours: whale blue, obsidian, and purple wing. Whale blue is AG glass, obsidian and purple wing are glossy glass. IGeekphone got the a purple wing colour. In terms of look and feel, This colour has a slight gradual effect, and the colour is biased towards silver, purple and blue, which is a very special colour.

In terms of screens, the OnePlus 9 continues the same Display Mate A+ rated high-frame straight screen on the OnePlus 8T, with a 6.55-inch 120Hz / 2.5D flexible straight screen, FHD+ resolution, high-precision factory colour calibration, HDR10+ Certified, front and rear high-precision double light perception, 8192-level automatic brightness adjustment, SGS screen eye protection certification, etc.

Although the parameters are inferior to the big brother OnePlus 9 Prothe OnePlus 9 screen is already excellent performance of the first echelon at the same price. Even if you are eye-catching, you basically can’t pick out any problems.

ColorOS 11

At the end of the article, let’s talk about the ColorOS 11 for the OnePlus system. In the past two years, Yijia’s Hydrogen OS has been “complained” by many users. The main reason is that the functions are too simple, and there is a big gap between the experience and systems such as EMUI and MIUI. In fact, this is also related to the changes in the entire Android market. The Android experience of deep customization in the early years was not as good as it is now. Various deep customization systems are emerging in an endless stream. Consumers are also willing to take the initiative to flash their phones to get a better experience.

The native Android system is also It was sought after by a considerable number of users. At that time, a hydrogenation OS was naturally recognized by many users due to its native experience and the policy of flashing and warranty. However, in recent years, with Huawei OV’s efforts system, people have become more inclined to these systems with powerful functions and interactive capabilities. More and more users pay more attention to the practicality of the experience and the more original ones. After all, the hydrogen OS is only exclusive to a small group of geeks, and naturally, it has been complained about by ordinary consumers.

Although the magically modified ColorOS 11 for OnePlus looks a little weird, it can’t stop it, and it’s so fragrant.

This time, the entire OnePlus 9 series is equipped with the ColorOS 11 for the OnePlus system. In terms of desktop layout, live wallpapers, icons, ringtones, notification sounds, etc., it still has the original hydrogen OS flavour, but the “kernel” has been replaced by ColorOS, which is also taking into account the user experience and visual experience is the most desirable choice. With the blessing of ColorOS, the system experience of the OnePlus 9 basically makes people unable to fault. OPPO mobile phone users can also seamlessly connect to the OnePlus 9 series.


OnePlus 9 also has an OnePlus丨Hasselblad mobile phone imaging system. Speaking of Hasselblad, friends who like photography will not be unfamiliar with it. This is the most legendary image brand in the history of photography. In 1969, it landed on the moon for the first time in human history. A silver Hasselblad HDC camera also landed on the moon with astronauts. On the surface, this is the highlight moment of human beings, and the camera that records the highlight moment is Hasselblad.

Later, during the many moon landings of humanity, a total of 12 Hasselblad cameras with negative films were left on the surface of the moon due to the weight limit of the spacecraft’s return cabin. Imagine the moon that we can see when we lookup. There are still 12 Hasselblad cameras on it. If one-day planetary travel becomes a reality, we have a chance to find these dozens of priceless cameras…

All in all, Hasselblad is a legendary camera brand. If you want to write Hasselblad’s legendary history, an article is definitely not enough. Interested friends can go to Hasselblad’s official website to learn about the history of this brand.

The reason for choosing Hasselblad to cooperate is that in the official opinion of OnePlus, images are not just exaggerated parameters. Images should be to discover and record beautiful stories. To achieve this and have sufficient image technology, you also need a deep understanding of aesthetics. So OnePlus found the best partner-Hasselblad.

The OnePlus | Hasselblad mobile imaging system of the OnePlus 9 series incorporates Hasselblad’s aesthetic accumulation and understanding of colour. According to the official statement, this is the “Hasselblad Natural Color Optimization” based on Hasselblad’s legendary colour science. , OnePlus 9 series uses Hasselblad’s standard for calibrating professional medium format cameras and has carried out sensor-level colour calibration on the product. OnePlus mobile phones can restore more real and natural colours.

Let’s briefly experience the camera performance of the OnePlus 9:

1x Main Camera

1x Main Camera

0.6x Wide Angle Camera

0.6x Wide Angle Camera

The main camera of the OnePlus 9 uses the Sony IMX689 sensor. The Sony IMX689 sensor has a large size of 1/1.43 inches and 48MP high pixels. The single-pixel area is 1.12 microns, and the four-in-one is 2.24 microns. It supports dual native ISO and full pixels. Omni-directional focusing technology. Sony IMX689 is also the main camera of OPPO Find X2 Pro and OnePlus 8 Pro. IMX689 has an excellent reputation on these two products, and OnePlus is very handy in polishing it. With Hasselblad’s colour tuning, proofs Naturally, there is no need to worry about the performance.

Judging from the proofs taken above, Hasselblad’s colour adjustments really give the photos a different taste. The overall style of the proofs is to restore realism. The picture’s dynamic range seems to be intentionally lowered, and the bright areas’ details are clear. There is no brightening of the dark places, and the contrast of the picture is greatly improved. In some complex light environments, the contrast of light and shadow is genuine.

However, it is very interesting that in some environments with large light ratios, the main camera style has changed again. The OnePlus 9 main camera’s HDR advantage will be shown at this time, such as the backlit proofs taken by Giztechtoday in the stone cave. The details of the dark parts of the cave have been restored, and at the same time, the overly bright sky outside is suppressed.

The ultra-wide-angle of the OnePlus 9 is complete main camera performance. The IMX766 + free-form surface lens is excellent in picture colour, white balance and exposure, especially distortion control. When the author chooses the proofs, even one Time can’t tell whether this proof comes from an ultra-wide-angle lens because its look and feel are natural.

In addition, this ultra-wide-angle main camera can also be used as a super macro. It is precise because of the main camera outsole. It is necessary to use a super macro when shooting some text and pictures at close range because of the outsole’s physical structure. The problem of coma can occur when shooting objects at close range. Most manufacturers usually use a super macro to solve this problem, and the OnePlus 9 is no exception. But what puzzles the author is that in the OnePlus 9 system, the opening of the super macro actually requires manual operation. Still, the other OnePlus 9 Pro is automatic, and it automatically cuts to the super macro when approaching objects. This is hoped to follow System upgrade and improvement.

Since the beginning of this year, telephoto does not seem to focus on the entire Oga Group. The OPPO Find X3 series does not have a periscope, and the OnePlus 9 also does not have a 2X telephoto. Instead, it is replaced by a black and white lens. , Black and white come together.” Compared to telephoto, it is much easier for ordinary users to take wonderful black and white photos.

Emphasize that this is not to make up black and white. OnePlus removes the Bayer filter on the sensor, which can better perceive external light changes’ intensity. The light information collected by the black and white lens can be better integrated into the main camera and super camera. In the wide-angle, a black and white proof with a clearer sense of hierarchy is finally achieved. In other words, the black and white proofs you shoot with the OnePlus 9 are not shot by a black and white lens, which is only used to provide light information.

In terms of night scene proofs, the OnePlus 9 did not adopt the crazy brightening mode of the common night vision goggles. The night proofs are still based on reality as much as possible. Of course, the colour, detail, highlight suppression, and tolerance performance are all flagship standards.

Regarding the photo-related experience, configuration and games of the OnePlus 9 series, IGeekphone has conducted a detailed test in the OnePlus 9 Pro. There will not be more tests here. For details, please click on the two reviews written in Shuishui:

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At the beginning of this year, Qualcomm shared an interview with Liu Zuohu, who talked about the new year’s future. “Boss Zhang” made it clear that OnePlus would invest huge resources to fully develop the video experience and set a goal to be the first online high-end in the Chinese market next year One goal. Video is the best path for the OnePlus 9 series to catch up with the high-end number one. Choosing the cooperation with Hasselblad is not only an improvement in brand quality but the imaging strength of the entire OnePlus 9 series has indeed increased visible to the naked eye.

Going back to the product itself, among the mobile phones in the same gear, the OnePlus 9 has real competitiveness in terms of its thin and light design, performance, or image. Not to mention the “genuine fragrance”, but the sincerity is undeniable.


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