OnePlus Ace Racing Version Review: With Powerful Dimensity 8100 MAX


OnePlus held a new product launch conference. At this conference, OnePlus brought the cheapest Dimensity 8100 processor phone on the market to consumers – The onePlus Ace Racing Edition, saying that it is the most fragrant mobile phone around 2000. Not too much. So the question is, how is the actual experience of the OnePlus Ace racing version of this phone? Is it worth buying? Regarding this issue, Xiaofang will tell you in detail next, hoping to help everyone.

Design & Screen

The appearance recognition of the OnePlus Ace racing version of this phone is relatively high. The front of the OnePlus Ace racing version uses a 120Hz refresh rate LCD material 1080P screen, and uses a left-hole digging screen design; the Ace racing version uses a plastic middle frame and a plastic back cover. The overall grip is quite good; the phone with the Ace racing version comes in two colors: light speed blue and competitive gray for consumers to choose from, which basically meets the aesthetic needs of consumers; For the camera module part, the Ace racing version uses a square matrix with 3 built-in cameras; in terms of lightness and thinness, the phone has a thickness of 8.7mm and a weight of 205 grams.


The OnePlus Ace racing version uses the “customized Dimensity 8100MAX+LPDDR5+UFS 3.1” performance combination, and the AnTuTu score is 816443 points; in addition, in the 3DMark test, the Ace racing version’s performance The test score is 5920 points, and the performance is still very good. The overall performance is very good, and it can fully meet the needs of consumers using mobile phones in various scenarios.


The OnePlus Ace racing version is equipped with a 120 Hz refresh rate LCD material 1080P screen, supports 6-speed adaptive dynamic frame rate and AI intelligent dimming, and is very smooth and silky for daily use.


The OnePlus Ace Racing Edition has a 5,000mAh battery that supports 65W wired fast charging. After five hours of heavy endurance test by IGeekPhone, the final remaining battery capacity is 52%; and when the battery is completely exhausted, it can be charged to 20% in 5 minutes, and the battery can be charged in 30 minutes. to 76%.


The OnePlus Ace racing version of this phone uses a camera combination of the front and the rear. The pixel of the front camera is 16 Megapixels, while the rear camera uses a “64 Megapixel main camera + 8 Megapixel wide-angle lens + 2 Megapixel macro lens” camera module, the overall imaging effect is still very good. In order to give you a better understanding of the camera capabilities of the Ace racing version, Xiaofang still provides you with a few proofs.

Gaming Performance

The overall performance of the OnePlus Ace Racing Edition phone is outstanding. Xiaofang, I used this phone to play the two mobile games, League of Legends and Yuanshen, for an hour respectively. Both of them were tested at a full frame rate. The average frame rate of the mobile game is 59.7. As far as the overall game experience is concerned, the Ace racing version is supported by the MTK frame stabilization strategy and the GPA stabilization strategy of the HyperBoost game frame stabilization engine. The performance is very good.

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Through comprehensive testing, we can clearly understand all aspects of the performance of the OnePlus Ace Racing Edition phone. The Ace Racing Edition phone can not only bring the ultimate gaming experience to consumers but also And it can well meet the needs of consumers for battery life and imaging systems. If you have a budget of around 2,000 yuan and want to buy a game phone with a good game console, Xiaofang suggests that you should give priority to the Ace racing version, which is more suitable.


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