Oneplus Concept One Hands on Video Released: Hidden Cameras Sensors


OnePlus Mobile officially released its first Concept One concept CES at CES 2020 recently. Its biggest feature is that the rear camera module can “disappear”. Some bloggers also released Concept One ’s real-world hands-on video for the first time, fully showing us the very amazing back-to-back effect of this phone.

As you can see from the video of the well-known digital blogger SuperSaf, the camera of Concept One appears from time to time, and sometimes disappears, and with the modern design concept, the entire mobile phone has a “conceptual sense”.

According to the official introduction, this hidden effect is because Concept One uses very thin electrochromic glass, which reduces the thickness while ensuring the discoloration effect. OnePlus has made two special designs. First, the EC material was repeatedly adjusted. Under the premise that the thickness of the EC material was only 0.05 mm, the industry-leading transmittance contrast was achieved. Second, non-polar glass balls with a diameter of less than 0.05 mm were added to ensure that the glass did not deform. In this way, the glass thickness is greatly reduced. It does not interfere with imaging effects.

The glass ball added inside the electrochromic glass bypasses the camera area and adopts advanced ITO coating technology to achieve a transparent conductive film with lower square resistance and higher transmittance. After a long period of debugging, the electrochromic glass of OnePlus Concept One can achieve a process from black to full transparency in just 0.7 seconds. The speed is even faster than waking the camera. You will not feel the electrochromic Inconvenience of discolored glass.

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