Oneplus Round Smart Watch Design Sketch Exposed


There is much rumor before about Oneplus smart watch, it’s said they will create Oneplus Round smart watch like Moto 360. But they still have not released it yet. We don’t know if Oneplus knows Xiaomi will release MI Watch, so they also first leaked the news about Oneplus smart watch.


Today, Carl Pei as one of Oneplus founders has shared the sketch of Oneplus smart watch, which can allow users to change the wrist band freely. Although earlier before, Oneplus CEO, Liu Zuohu has claimed they will have to give up producing smart watch, because they want to focus on the high-end smartphones. And he said they have finished the relative design of oneplus smart watch, but they give up finally, they will pay attention to more smartphones in the near future.

Therefore, will Oneplus release smart watch or not? If Xiaomi has finally released Xiaomi mi smart watch, will Oneplus still stick to its old idea?


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