OnePlus Will Launch The First Folding Screen Phone


With the continuous improvement of folding screen technology, more and more mobile phone manufacturers may be willing to enter the folding screen mobile phone market, which is foreseeable. A source said that OnePlus may launch its first folding-screen phone in the future. As for the new opportunity of this folding screen, you can refer to OPPO Find N. According to the news, OnePlus is currently developing this kind of folding screen mobile phone. Indeed, since OPPO Find N has been launched early, OnePlus can refer to it to launch a new folding screen machine with OnePlus features.

In fact, as early as last year, there were patents showing that OnePlus may be developing a folding-screen phone. However, this is a dual-hinge folding screen mobile phone, which consists of three display areas + dual hinges, and the shape is different from the folding screen products on the market. In OnePlus’ patent description, this new folding screen has a large hinge and a small hinge. The thickest part of the device rotates around the large hinge, while the other two parts can rotate around the small hinge.

Obviously, it is still difficult for OnePlus to commercialize this dual-hinge folding screen mobile phone. OnePlus wants to enter the field of folding screens, and it is more practical to launch a regular folding-screen phone.

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At a time when the smart market is saturated, it seems that more and more mobile phone manufacturers are targeting the folding screen mobile phone market. Not long ago, a digital blogger hinted: If Meizu suddenly released a folding machine Meizu Fold for a long time, you will Can you support me?

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