OnePlus X gets Oxygen 3.1 (Marshmallow) community build and OnePlus 3 Hydrogen OS 2.5


OnePlus X was released before almost a year. Now, after all this time, OnePlus is announcing the release of Oxygen 3.1 Community Build which brings Android 6.0 Marshmallow to the smallest OnePlus phone.


Of course since from yesterday we have Google to officially release Android 7.0 Nougat, the announcement might spur some folks who don’t want something big to pick up the device, since we are talking for Android 6.0

OnePlus community builds can be called the beta releases of the final and official ROM. As what happens with all beta releases, there are always issues that can cause problems to non experienced users. OnePlus says users may experience issues like network stability in select regions, third party apps compatibility, and language localisation.

OS 3.1 has new features like new icon packs, a new wallpaper picker, new customization for the alert slider, and changes to Shelf UX, apart from the default marshmallow ones. It will also come with new apps installed inside like OnePlus Music and OnePlus Gallery and of course August’s security patch.

If you are interested in flashing the community build on your phone, you should check the instructions OnePlus here. Don’t forget that it is not recommended for non experienced users!

Hydrogen OS 2.5 for OnePlus 3

So not only OnePlus X will get a new update, but according to a Canadian official there will be an upcoming release of Hydrogen OS 2.5 for the OnePlus 3.


From the very beginning OnePlus announced that there will be two operating systems for the phone. One will be for the Chinese variant and will be called Hydrogen OS and one for the for the international version and will be called Oxygen OS.

The new OS is expected to bring in a great number of new features and design changes. Of course there where many that where saying that OnePlus will merge both operating systems, but this announcement doesn’t seem like they have any plans to do so.

Still we don’t know the official release date, but we will get you updated once we know.


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