Onikuma K9 Gaming Headsets Launched For PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch: Get Great, Immersive Game Audio


For gamers, having the right headset is essential. Good audio quality means you can hear every footstep, breath, Explosions, and gunshots, in your game. Being able to communicate effectively with your teammates gives you a significant advantage in online play. There are so many to chose from though, that finding the best headsets can be a bit of a challenge. So Onikuma launched K9 Gaming Headsets For PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Every Onikuma gaming headset user knows well that Onikuma gaming headset line-up, Onikuma K5, and K6, never let the users down in these aspects. Now, Onikuma is going to launch out an upgraded version from the gaming headset line-up, Onikuma K9, which do better in Xbox one gaming headset. Let’s see what make Onikuma K9 stand out.

  • Powerful Compatibility – Gaming Headset for Xbox One S, Xbox One, Xbox one X, PS4 Pro, PS4, PS 4 Slim, PC, Laptop, PSP, Mac, Tablet, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch 3DS, Nintendo Switch 3ds LL. Extra Microsoft adapter (Not Included) is needed when connecting with old version Xbox One controller.
  • Powerful Isolation – This Xbox One Gaming Headphone gives the clear sound needed for getting the slightest edge while gaming. A very high isolation that will help you focus in on your gaming. The well-defined sound coupled with amazing isolation lets you hear in-game footsteps or objectives better than you ever could have with other earphones or speakers.
  • Great Microphone – The PRO Gaming Headset microphone pickups your voice very well. You never have any problems communicating with your teammates even when you talk really softly. The easily accessible volume control and microphone mute give control of them even in the middle of full-screen games.
  • Super Comfort – The headphone’s comfort, fit, flexibility, durability is suitable for long gaming sessions. Lightweight headset with 45-degree rotating ear cups for a better fit. The mic will pick up your voice very well at any angle so you can clearly give instructions and objectives to your teammates.
  • Accurate Volume Dial – This is thanks to the added volume dial that controls the volume directly to your headphones without messing with the computer’s settings. Along with the volume dial on the headphone cable, you also have a microphone mute near the same place. If you do not need to say anything to your teammates, this can be very convenient to press.

Onikuma has a plan to never stop improving in a gaming headset. What makes Onikuma keep going and doing the best? It is their deep learning of customers’ needs and continuous pursuit in utmost immersion and pinpoints accuracy. That is the only reason you can’t miss Onikuma K9.


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