Onikuma Presents A Pair of Gaming Headphones At the HK Electronics Exhibition


When you try audio accessories for gaming you do not expect great sound quality, or much higher than average sound performance. Above all the cheaper models, they mainly focus on design, ignoring the appearance of audio quality. According to Onikuma, however, this does not happen with the new Onikuma K1 Pro and M180 Pro, new gaming headset announced at the Hong Kong Electronics Exhibition.

The K1 Pro were shown from 11 to 14 October and will be exhibited from the 18th to the 21st of October at the Chinese fair. Among the technical specifications, we have 50 mm drivers with support for the 3D Surround Sound effect, which aims to offer greater involvement during the gameplay. Thanks to the positional audio it is also easier to identify the enemies, and obviously, you can not miss a microphone in a gaming headset, to communicate the strategies to the companions and communicate with friends.

Onikuma K1 Pro also introduce a noise cancellation technology recorded by the microphone, in order to send only the voice to the interlocutors, isolating it from the sounds coming from the surrounding environment. Everything is combined with an LED lighting system that surrounds the exterior part of the pavilions. Two options available: blue lights and red lights.

Together with the K1 Pro Onikuma has also announced a new model: Onikuma M180 Pro. Also, in this case, we find a microphone with support for environmental noise cancellation and a “retractable omnidirectional” design, which allows the user to direct the microphone as desired. You can not miss, even in this model, the support for 7.1 virtual channels and there is also the vibration mode, which transmits in a tactile way all the vibrations produced by the sound sources.

Finally, Onikuma’s goal is to bring the most expensive products to a budget price, representing a democratic choice without too many compromises on the quality side. For more information, please visit the official website of  Onikuma.


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