OpenEuler 20.09 Initiated by Huawei is officially Released: Kirin UKUI Desktop Enbvironment


OpenEuler 20.09 was officially released. With the joint efforts of community contributors, openEuler officially released the openEuler 20.09 version. According to the version plan, the openEuler 20.09 version is an innovative version rather than the LTS (Long Term Support) version.

This version of Linux Kernel uses version 4.19.140, which fixes the CVE vulnerability discovered since the release of version 20.03. During the development of this version, community contributors merged a total of 11,485 Pull Requests, and the number of SIG groups has also increased to 71, covering many fields from cloud computing, cloud-native to desktop.

The same time, community developers have brought many new features in the openEuler 20.09 version, especially the new open source project StratoVirt, which is a safe, lightweight, high-performance, low-loss, component The universal virtual machine runtime project for all scenarios, and the iSula project also released isula-build to realize the ability of image building.

Version download address

ISO download here:

Raspberry IMG download here:

List of new features
  • • Use Rust language, support seccomp, support multi-tenant isolation, and provide a trusted and safe operating environment. • Possesses <50ms startup performance, >4M memory noise floor, extreme performance, and lightweight, suitable for various scenarios such as end, edge, cloud, etc.
  • • X86 VT, Kunpeng-V, and other multi-system hardware-accelerated virtual engine support
  • • MS-level equipment expansion and contraction capabilities, providing flexible resource expansion and contraction capabilities for lightweight loads
  • • The device model is expandable, supports PCI and other complex device specifications, and is compatible with the QEMU software ecosystem
  • • Support for multiple computing, network, and storage acceleration solutions, and flexible coordination of heterogeneous computing power
  • • Optimize startup and container lifecycle operation performance
  • • Container image building tool insula-build, which provides safe and fast container image building capabilities
  • • Supports secure boot and trusted boot of virtual machines to enhance virtual machine security
  • Enhanced virtualization features:
  • • Through two-tier scheduling and Hypervisor-aware VM scheduling, VM lock preemption is optimized, and performance in multi-core super-divided scenarios is improved
  • • Optimize IPI interrupt performance through the Guest-Idle-Haltpoll mechanism to improve database business performance
  • • For the virtualization features of the ARM platform, support CPU / memory hot plugging, support KVM CPU can be configured as a custom mode, improve resource configuration flexibility
  • • Operation and maintenance tool VMTOP, which supports the fast collection of performance indicators such as virtual machine trapping
  • • PMU NMI watchdog feature enables hard lockup detection
Enhanced kernel features:
  • • IMA commercial enhancement: On the basis of the open-source IMA solution, enhance security, improve performance, improve ease of use, and help commercial implementation
  • • NUMA Aware Qspinlock support: reduce lock contention across NUMA cache synchronization and ping-pong, improve system performance
  • • Ktask parallelization support: kernel task parallelization framework, support for the parallel operation of kernel tasks
  • • MPAM resource management and control: ARM64 architecture Cache QoS and memory bandwidth control technology
  • • Memory system lock optimization: vmalloc allocates large lock optimization, Pagecache lock optimization
  • Programming language and compiler:
  • • JDK8 enhancement: APPCDS feature and crc32 hard acceleration instruction support
  • • GCC optimization: loop optimization, automatic vectorization, global optimization
  • Hardware and chip enable:
  • • Raspberry Pi support: Raspberry series board support
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Desktop support:
  • • UKUI: The default desktop environment of Kylin operating system, its layout, style and usage habits are close to traditional Windows
  • Intelligent operation and maintenance:
  • • A-Tune: Intelligent system performance optimization engine, infers business characteristics, configures the best set of system parameters, and makes the business in an optimal operating state

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