OPPO 5G Mobile Phone Breaks Again: First Access To The Internet


Shen Yiren, vice president of OPPO, just announced on Weibo that at 4:47 am on the 27th, the OPPO 5G communication protocol lab successfully realized the first 5G Internet access of OPPO mobile phones. At the same time, he said that the first commercial 5G mobile phones could be used. This means that OPPO successfully implemented the first 5G networking demonstration.

From the map of Shen Yiren, OPPO has been able to implement web browsing and related operations under 5G network in 5G mobile phones. Demonstrates an engineering phone based on the OPPO R15 shape design, which fully integrates 5G communication capabilities from motherboard design, RF, RF front-end and antenna technology. The successful completion of this connection will accelerate the development process of 5G smart phones, fully verify the related technology of OPPO for 5G mobile phone development, and lay a solid foundation for OPPO to release commercial 5G products in 2019.

It has been seen from the picture that a 5G signal appears in the upper right corner of the screen. It means the successful implementation of the first 5G signaling and data link connection OPPO 5G terminal in China.

OPPO not only takes the lead in bringing consumers 5G mobile phone products but also is committed to creating exclusive 5G killer applications for users. 5G networks can support new immersive connected experiences including 3D video calling/conference video, online cloud gaming/cloud office, remote photo, 3D AR beauty/AR shopping. OPPO is leading the development of 3D imaging technology in the mobile phone industry through the integration of the 3D structured optical system in Find X and the integration of the TOF system on the R17 Pro model. It also provides sufficient technical preparation for 5G ubiquitous real-world applications.

Not long ago, Qualcomm hosted the 4G/5G Summit in Hong Kong. At the meeting, Tang Hai, Director of the Standard Research Center of the OPPO Research Institute, attended the Qualcomm 4G/5G Summit and delivered a keynote speech entitled “Ubiquitous Reality – When 5G Meets 3D Vision”. Tang Hai said that OPPO will strive to become the first and even the first to release 5G commercial mobile phones in 2019, and is exploring 5G killer applications around the core needs of users.

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In fact, thanks to OPPO‘s advance layout and accumulation of 5G technology, what is the future of exploring 5G networks, what changes will be brought about, and which direction 5G mobile phones will develop. Behind all this, OPPO is well prepared to face the 5G battle next year.

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