Oppo A9x VS Honor 20i Comparison Review: Which one is Most Powerful


In April, Honor newly released Honor 20i series received many users’ praise for its design and self-timer highlights. Recently, OPPO is also frequently exerted force. The new Oppo A9x is equipped with a smart water drop screen + rear 48 Megapixels main camera + VOOC flash charge 3.0, which is seen by the outside world. Until now, who is the strongest boutique in the mid-end market has been heated up on the Internet, let’s analyze a wave? Speaking of the phone screen, it can be said that it is one of the most frequently accessed software. Earlier we mentioned that the OPPO A9x uses a water drop screen design (screen size 6.53 inches) with a 90.7% screen ratio; while the Honor 20i continues the family pearl screen (6.21 inches) with a screen ratio of 90%. In terms of data, both the screen size and the screen ratio are obviously more advantageous than the Oppo A9x, but they are almost negligible.

Since the screen is mentioned, let’s look at the design effect of the two on the chin and forehead. First of all, the chin part, the follow-up diagram is not difficult to see, the two mobile phones are quite wide and have a stronger visual sense. Followed by the forehead part, both models use a water drop screen design, Oppo A9x is more flexible, and Honor 20i is clean and neat, as the value of the face is high and low, it can be said to be comparable.

As for the back design, the design layout of the two mobile phones has its own characteristics. The Honor 20i camera is arranged in the upper left corner, and the fingerprint unlocking in the center is in line with the mainstream style. OPPO is brave in innovation and adopts a new axis-axis symmetrical design. The camera, rear fingerprint, and LOGO are all kept in a straight line, forming an artistic sense of symmetry and elegant white style, which will be more popular among consumers.

In addition, taking photos as the main selling point of the two products is also the highlight of this comparison. The OPPO A9x has a 1600W pixel front lens, and the Honor 20i front has a 3200W pixel. In terms of hardware, the latter has an advantage. But starting with the software, OPPO A9x joined the 2.0 technology, greatly improving the self-timer gameplay, the effect is more natural.

On the rear camera, OPPO A9x adopts rear dual camera, which is 48 Megapixel main camera + 500W pixel depth of field lens; and Honor 20i is a three-shot combination of 24 Megapixel main cameras + 800W pixel wide-angle lens + 20 Megapixel depth of field lens. From the number of cameras, the lens configuration of the Honor 20i is more radical and more in line with the current mainstream; but the Oppo A9x’s 4800W main camera has reached the flagship standard, while the ultra-clear night 2.0 2.0 mode upgrade also helps users to develop new ways. Overall, the two have their own merits.With the increase in the frequency of use of mobile phones, battery life has gradually become an important criterion for assessing the value of mobile phones. The OPPO A9x is equipped with 4020mAh+20W VOOC flash charging 3.0 technology. Compared to the glory 20i 3400mAh battery and 10W ordinary fast charging, the Oppo A9x obviously has a faster-charging speed and longer battery life.

Core configuration, OPPO A9x uses MediaTek Hello P70 processor, standard 6GB + 128GB for storage; while Glory 20i uses Kirin 710 processing, up to 6GB + 258GB of memory. On the system side, A9x chose OPPO’s new ColorOS 6 system, supplemented by the support of Gameboost 2.0+SLA polymorphic network acceleration technology, to optimize the game multi-layer. Honor 20i is equipped with a combination of EMUI 9 system + GPU Turbo technology, it is not difficult to see that the configuration of the two models can be said to be comparable, are in the same level of the middle and upper levels.

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After several sets of tests, it is not difficult to find that both OPPO A9x and Honor 20i have a solid configuration. Honor 20i has 3200W front-mounted self-timer + rear three-shot, which is very popular when taking pictures; OPPO A9x brings 4800W ultra-clear main shooting, VOOC flash charging 3.0 technology, 4020mAh large battery support, from the camera and battery life. Level optimization is only for a more balanced experience. So overall, the two can be said to be evenly matched, but specifically, which one is better, it depends on personal habits and hobbies.

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