Oppo Ace 2 Review: Snapdragon 865, 90Hz Display, 65W 2.0 SuperVOOC


OPPO released the Reno Ace mobile phone, which is a brand-new product series launched by OPPO. It is positioned as a super player. OPPO Ace 2 has two major trump cards of 65W super flash charge and 90Hz e-sports screen. Ace attracted the attention of many hardcore players at the time.

Half a year later, the Ace series officially announced its independence. The protagonist of this article-Ace2 is the first product after the Ace independent series. The OPPO official said that the birth of the Ace series is OPPO’s ultimate response to the love of super players. Then the newly upgraded Ace2 mobile phone will bring players What kind of experience? Let ’s get a deeper understanding of this product.

OPPO Ace2 Design

I do n’t know if my friends have noticed. In the past two years, the recognition of OPPO mobile phones has become higher and higher. For example, the Reno series, such as the Find X2 series, even if they use the ID layout design similar to that of Youshang products. But OPPO ’s Mobile phones can always give you a different feeling, as does Ace2.

OPPO Ace2 is not the first smartphone with Oreo lens design. But Ace 2 still has high brand recognition. In the round Oreo camera module, there are four rectangular cameras arranged with raised lens edges There are also four hollowed-out grooves on the ring. Giving the entire lens module a mechanical feel similar to gears.

However, the author personally believes that the glass cover of the Oreo lens is still slightly monotonous, is it better to add some texture design?

OPPO Ace2 has three colors: moonrock gray, fantasy purple, and aurora silver. The moon rock-gray version, which uses a high-gloss glass back cover. Of course, it inevitably becomes a fingerprint collector. The overall look is not bad, like black is not black, close to silver-gray and more ink blue. And the back shell and the middle frame of the phone are also the same color, without any color difference, the sense of unity is stronger.


On the front, OPPO Ace2 is equipped with a 6.55-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 2400 * 1080. A local peak brightness of 1100nit, a dynamic contrast of 5000000: 1. And supports HDR10 + certification and Rhine Global Eye Protection certification.

OPPO Ace2 has a 90Hz screen refresh rate and a 180Hz touch sampling rate.

In terms of system, OPPO Ace2’s screen color mode has two modes of vivid and soft. Supports screen refresh rate switching, has OSIE ultra-clear visual effects. Supports low-light and no-strobe eye protection, and so on.

The screen appearance of OPPO Ace2 is still good, especially the high refresh rate screen of 90Hz. The whole screen is smooth like butter, and it is very easy to follow.

As a flagship mobile phone with high performance for gamers. OPPO Ace 2 has a body size of 160.0mmx75.4mmx8.6mm and a weight of 185g. This data is very good. For players, even a long game will not appear because of the machine. Wrist pain caused by being too heavy.

At present, too many 5G flagship mobile phones on the market weigh more than 200g. Especially some game mobile phones. Perhaps to ensure the ultimate gaming performance, weight control can be said to be very unrestrained. Imagine some players with small hands. Or, sisters, holding a fitness instrument all day in their hands, it is really miserable.

However, it should be noted that the middle frame of OPPO Ace 2 is made of plastic. But the entire middle frame adopts a matte spraying process. And it is difficult to discern which material it is in terms of look and feel. The advantage is that thanks to the design of the plastic middle frame, Ace 2 uses a 360-degree surround antenna. Different holding states. And intelligently matches the best antenna group to ensure that the mobile phone signal is always kept in the best state.

OPPO Ace2 Hardware

In terms of core configuration. OPPO Ace 2 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 + X55. It has 8GB / 12GB (LPDDR4X / 5) + 128GB / 256GB (UFS3.0 + TurboWrite + HPB). Uses a 4000 mAh battery, supports 65W SuperVOOC 2.0. 40W AirVOOC wireless flash charging, 10W wireless reverse charging.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 represents the highest performance of the current Android camp. It uses TSMC’s 7nm process technology, has a Kryo 585 Prime super-large core customized based on A77, the main frequency reaches 2.84Ghz, and three A77 architecture Kryo 585 Gold Large core, clocked at 2.42Ghz, and 4 A55 architecture Kryo 585 Sliver small cores, 1.8Ghz.

Compared with the previous generation Snapdragon 855 processor, CPU performance has increased by 25%, and power consumption has also been reduced by 25%. In terms of GPU, the new Adreno 650 graphics processor also has a 25% performance improvement compared to the previous generation Adreno 650, and power consumption is reduced by 35%.

In the Antutu (V8.3.2) test, OPPO Ace2 reached 590,756 points.

We obtained through GeekBench4 running points, OPPO Ace 2 single-core reached 4278 points, multi-core reached 13057 points;

In 3DMark, OPPO Ace2 benchmark test results were 7188 and 6404 respectively.

The above three sets of running points data are in line with the normal performance of Snapdragon 865, and also represent the highest performance release level of the current Android camp.

A careful partner may have discovered that OPPO Ace2 is equipped with UFS3.0, but it additionally supports TurboWrite and HPB technologies. In fact, these two technologies are from UFS3.1.

According to official information, compared with UFS3.0, UFS3.1 mainly adds three functions of Write Turbo, Deep Sleep, and HPB. Among them, “Deep Sleep” technology helps to extend the battery life of the device and Write. Turbo write enhancement technology can provide long-term stable high-speed writing speed, and HPB mainly uses the mobile phone’s RAM to cache the L2P Map table to improve read performance and solve the problem of “more use and more cards” on the mobile phone.

In our actual test, OPPO Ace 2’s sequential read speed reached 1636MB / s, sequential write speed reached 671MB / s, random read speed reached 218MB / s, and random write speed reached 202MB / s. As a comparison, UFS 3.1 normally performs sequential reads up to 1800MB / s and sequential writes up to 700MB / s. The standard UFS3.0 is 1500MB / s and 500MB / s.

After talking about the performance of running points, let’s take a look at the game performance.
2. Games

In OPPO Ace2, it is equipped with the new Hyper Boost 3.0 technology. Most users of Ace2 are mobile game players. How to improve the experience on the game? In addition to performance, it is the optimization of the underlying system.

In Hyper Boost 3.0, OPPO is optimized for scene issues with the most user feedback, such as game fever and fast power consumption. These upgrades include the Game Zone engine, temperature control callback, and open capabilities. Specifically, Hyper Boost 3.0 can intelligently adjust system resource allocation according to demand. The optimization directions include intelligent scheduling strategies, unified control resources, special scene optimization, low power scene optimization, etc. According to OPPO laboratory data, Ace2’s CPU resources The utilization efficiency is increased by up to 30%, and the overall power consumption is reduced by up to 12%.

OPPO Ace 2 “Peace Elite” game, we can see through the frame rate graph, whether it is to open the smooth picture quality + 90hz ultra-high frame rate mode, or turn on the HDR HD + extreme frame rate mode, its performance level Almost all achieved the effect of full frame, the frame rate fluctuation is very stable, the average frame rate of the former is 89.3FPS, and the latter is 59.6FPS.

In the first 10 minutes, the smooth image quality + 90hz ultra-high frame rate mode is turned on, and in the last 20 minutes, the HDR HD + extreme frame rate mode is turned on.

90hz super high frame rate

With the advantage of 90Hz high-brush screen, OPPO Ace 2 currently supports the 90FPS high frame rate mode of 22 games, these games include Peace Elite, Ace Warrior, Crash 3, Quantum Attack, Shenmo, Minecraft, Vanity, etc. OPPO will continue to add more 90FPS high frame rate games to bring players the ultimate gaming experience.

In addition, OPPO Ace 2 uses a Z-axis linear vibration motor and brings 4D vibration sensation 2.0. In the “Peace Elite” game, the mobile phone can trigger vibration through sound, image and touch recognition, and match different vibration sensations according to different firearm types For example, for pistols, the tremor is very slight every time you fire the gun, but if you change to these long guns such as AKM, the tremor will add a little extra power.

The ColorOS 7.1 equipped on OPPO Ace 2 supports SMS / WeChat / QQ to display a message reminder on the game page in the form of a barrage. Players can receive notifications during the game without blocking the game screen.

Hyper Boost 3.0 is also excellent in controlling the heat of the mobile phone. After 30 minutes of intensity games, the maximum temperature of the camera area of ​​the body is measured to be 39.2 ° C, and there is no frequency reduction phenomenon for a long time.

3. Charging

The lack of wireless charging has been the place where OPPO mobile phones have suffered a lot in the past two years. OPPO believes that the 65W super flash charging technology carried by its flagship machine has been able to meet the charging needs of consumers, and some low-power wireless charging efficiency is too low. It’s better not to use it.

No matter how bad it sounds, it’s a blockbuster. This is OPPO Ace2’s best interpretation of wireless charging-OPPO Ace2 is equipped with 40W AirVOOC wireless flash charging and supports 10W wireless reverse charging.

OPPO Ace2 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 charging data are as follows:
  • 5 minutes: 20% charge
  • 10 minutes: 43% charge
  • 15 minutes: charge 63%
  • 20 minutes: 82% charge
  • 30 minutes: 98% charge
  • Charging 100%, less than 35 minutes.
  • Fully filled, about 45 minutes.

There is no way to do related wireless charging tests here. To sum up: 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 + 40W AirVOOC wireless flash charging + 10W wireless reverse charging, which is almost the fastest and comprehensive charging solution at present.

OPPO Ace2 Camera

OPPO Ace2 is equipped with four rear cameras, namely 48MP main camera lens (IMX586 f / 1.7 aperture) + 8 million super wide-angle lens + portrait lens + light leakage lens. IMX586 has appeared on many OPPO mobile phones, polished for a year, OPPO has already handled this main camera with ease.

Let’s take a look at the proofs:

In the case of good light, the proofs of OPPO Ace2 tend to be more realistic, and the look and feel are natural and comfortable. There is no intention to increase the color and saturation of the picture to please the user ’s eye. The 48MP main camera lens has sufficient resolution, but some The dynamic range is slightly insufficient in bright and dark scenes. The main camera supports 2X-5X zoom. After 2X partial zoom-in, there are still rich details and textures. In the ultra-wide-angle proofs, the transition of the edge of the picture is natural, and there is no problem of distortion and purple fringing, but the resolution of 8MP is still slightly worse.

It is worth mentioning that the main camera of OPPO Ace2 also supports ultra-clear image quality (composite 100 Megapixels). In the night shooting, the proofs give the author the biggest feeling that the brightness is bright enough, the picture is pure enough, the first look is not bad, and the color reproduction of the night lights is more accurate, but the details are not enough after zooming in, and there is a slight smear.

Overall, the performance of the OPPO Ace2 camera basically meets the needs of users. It is completely enough to take pictures on the weekday and send a circle of friends. Of course, even with four shots, the camera configuration of OPPO Ace2 is not as dazzling as other configurations. This may be It is related to its own positioning. After all, in the hands of many Ace users, the mobile phone lens is only used to scan the code.


As early as March last year, OPPO debuted the ColorOS 6 system. ColorOS 6 can be said to be a milestone in the development process of the entire ColorOS. The new system optimizes the interface information density and level through a large area of ​​”white” and adopts a lighter, Elegant, rhythmic colors, and finally realized the “unbounded” natural look and feel, this change in visual style, the system from the inside to the outside renewed, let many consumers bluntly “OPPO has changed.” Also from that time, the author began to pay attention to the ColorOS system.

After a year, ColorOS has been updated to ColorOS 7.1 version. The OPPO Find X2 series mobile phones released in early March were first equipped with this system, and the OPPO Ace2 released one month later was also equipped with this system.

ColorOS 7.1 is based on Android 10 in-depth customization. According to OPPO’s official statement, ColorOS 7.1 is systematically upgraded from multiple aspects such as design, function, security, scene application, etc. around “light and borderless”. The icon is lighter and the style is lighter. The interaction is easier, the vision is lighter, and the beauty of technology is hidden into life, giving you the most delicate and natural quality experience.

In the previous evaluation of OPPO Find X2 Pro, An in-depth experience on the UI design of ColorOS 7.1. What kind of chemical reaction will ColorOS 7.1 and OPPO Ace2 mobile phones produce?

The system is fundamental to the experience of a mobile phone and an important criterion for evaluating the overall experience of a mobile phone. Here is the final conclusion-ColorOS 7.1, which is OPPO’s strongest system to date, and can definitely be included in the ranks of domestic Android custom systems. .

In the era before OPPO R17. The first impression of the OPPO ColorOS system to the author is that it has a high-saturation rich style. This style will be a bit aesthetically fatigued after a long time. After Chen Xi joined the ColorOS team, the first thing is A drastic reform has been carried out in this regard. Using “light” and “fast” to define a borderless experience. In the new ColorOS 7.1 system. We continued to focus on “lightness” and carried out deep optimization of the system around “fast”. Including UI, interaction, animation, sound effects and other aspects of optimization, functional, security. Scene application and other aspects of the upgrade.

ColorOS 7.1

First of all, in terms of look and feel, ColorOS 7.1 has a lot of light colors. Neutral and simple taste, and may not be liked by everyone at first glance. But the look and feel at first glance is absolutely very comfortable and natural.

Compared with the ColorOS system in the R17 era. ColorOS 7.1 is like a fashionable woman transformed into a girl who does not eat the fireworks in the world but is a very small girl. This change is so great that if you now use ColorOS 5 two years ago Together with ColorOS 7.1. You will not even think it is the same system.

An easily overlooked reason for making ColorOS 7.1 look so comfortable and refined is the built-in wallpapers of ColorOS 7.1. These wallpapers have a strong artistic beauty and coordination. They complement each other with fonts, icons. And even transition animations. The patterns of these wallpapers will not overwhelm and overshadow icons and text.

More importantly, ColorOS 7.1 perfectly supports Art + wallpaper. Which is also an important exploration of ColorOS’s system aesthetics. Multiple sets of unique artistic wallpapers designed around ColorOS 7.1 can be selected for use by users. As a desktop background. At the same time, the pattern of the wallpaper will not block the icons and text too much.

On this basis, ColorOS 7.1 also redraws a large number of third-party icons. ColorOS 7.1 gives the icons a high degree of customization. In the system settings, you can manually select the rectangle, pebble and material style. This means that you have a high degree of customization of the OPPO mobile phone interface. Allowing users to choose different arrangements based on their own aesthetics.

It is very abstract to describe this kind of beauty in words. Let’s go to the comparison chart first and let everyone feel it intuitively.

Compared with ColorOS 6, ColorOS 7.1 has two obvious changes. First, the icon of the drop-down shortcut bar is reduced. As shown in the following figure, the author believes that, regardless of practicality. In design, the big card of the drop-down shortcut bar of ColorOS 6 The icon is “reverse”. ColorOS 7.1 replaces the original large card icon with a small card. The overall look and feel is a lot of coordination.

Another change is the negative one screen, which no longer uses the previous large square design. Personally, I think that the current negative one screen is a bit too monotonous when there is no content to display, which makes people uncomfortable.

The major changes in the design of ColorOS 7.1 can actually be summarized into three points:

To briefly talk about excessive animation, ColorOS 7.1 has been optimized for interactive animations in the navigation bar, notification bar, background, application opening and closing, etc., especially with the 90Hz high refresh rate screen of OPPO Ace2, which is exceptional in interactive experience The comfort and carefree, flowing water, refer to where to play, the feedback effect of these animations is elastic, non-linear and continuous. The GIF image has a slight frame drop phenomenon, and it cannot represent the true sliding effect 100%

Breeno voice in ColorOS 7.1

Breeno is not limited to being a voice assistant, more is a smart assistant that integrates perception, memory, decision-making, and learning evolution. It provides users with personalized services in different situations, such as planning a route in advance before going to work, and traveling on time. Remind the flight time, takeoff and landing time, etc.

In the future, Breeno will become a smart hub in the entire OPPO product system, including OPPO’s smart home, Internet of Things, etc. will see it.

ColorOS 7.1 also brings a lot of new game features to OPPO Ace2. The Secret to Make OPPO Ace2 Games More Fun, the New ColorOS Experience “, no additional introductions will be given here.

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Overall, OPPO Ace 2 has good competitiveness, 90Hz high refresh screen, 90FPS game support, the fastest charging combination, Snapdragon 865, linear motor, bilinear speaker, ColorOS 7.1, etc., these will attract a lot of super The player’s gaze.

It should be emphasized that OPPO Ace2 is not a gaming phone. And OPPO is not intended to be a gaming phone. OPPO Ace2 is a flagship mobile phone for gamers, geeks, and performance players, and the game is only used to highlight One of the ways of performance.


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