OPPO Find 9 with Snapdragon 835 CPU Will Announce in March, 2017


OPPO Find 7 has been released for over two years, right now most users are waiting for the new generation flagship, OPPO Find 9 smartphone, so when will it come out? According to the trusted leaker on Weibo, he said OPPO Find 9 will be released in March, 2017, and it will be powered by Snapdragon 835 platform with 10nm architecture.


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Although the release date about OPPO Find 9 has become a controversy issue, much news has unveiled that it will be back soon with Snapdragon 835 processor. According to the inner staff of Samsung on Weibo, if VIVO X9 series sells well, the best rival, OPPO will speed up the release date of the new flagship. But Snapdragon 835 processor will wait until June, July, 2016.


It’s worthwhile to know that as the next year flagship of OPPO, this smartphone will have two own unique features, one is the VOOC super quick charge and Smart Sensor anti-OIS technology at MWC. The Smart Sensor graphic chipset anti-OIS technology is claimed to be the first chipset anti-shaky technology, and it’s also the smallest OIS technology, which means OPPO FInd 9 will use it first in this OIS technology than others.


As for VOOC super charge, it can make your phone charge from 5% to 100% power only in 10 minutes, which can be a highlight for the smartphone without doubt. So if all of news is real, OPPO Find 9 will be a new flagship smartphone in Chinese high-end mobiles. So the price will also improve higher.


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