Oppo is Developing 1.5k Flexible Screen Mobile Phone


Xiaomi Redmi K50 Supreme edition, which was released on Aug 12, features a 1.5K OLED straight screen and was jointly developed with two screen partners, Tianma and Huaxin Optoelectronics. Lu Weibing said that Redmi K50 Super version 1.5K screen can achieve close to 1080P screen power consumption, is the result of hardware and software innovation and upgrade.

In addition to Xiaomi Redmi, there are also some manufacturers that will launch 1.5K screen phones.

According to Weibo user @Digizhu.com, OPPO OnePlus will also launch a 1.5K flexible screen phone, which will originally support high-frequency dimming. Realme’s new phone will support 2160Hz PWM. OPPO and OnePlus will not be cut down either, so there is a high probability of eye-protection screens.

Previously news said that 1.5K high frequency dimming domestic flexible screen each will be in succession, mainly used in high-end and sub-flagship models, the end of the year to next year planning a lot.

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igeekphone has learned that Redmi K50 Supreme version of 1.5K straight screen has a pixel density of 446PPi, and is Redmi’s first 12bit screen, up to 68.7 billion colors, while supporting 1920Hz high-frequency PWM, hardware level low blue, and obtained SGS low visual fatigue certification phone.


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