OPPO K3 Exposure! Snapdragon 710, Full Screen, Starting From 999 Yuan ($144)


The development of the OPPO brand in recent years is quite good, especially since the beginning of this year, the emergence of the OPPO K1 mobile phone has made consumers have different perceptions of this brand, so that many consumers feel OPPO can also be so conscience, OPPO K1 this phone is still very popular when it is just listed, it is also very ideal in terms of sales.

For the OPPO K1 this phone, Xiao Bian’s favorite is still in the camera ability of its front lens, although this phone is defined as a thousand yuan phone, OPPOK3 exposure! Snapdragon 710+ high screen accounted for, regretted to start OPPO K1! But its pixels are very high, reaching 25 Megapixels, not only that, it also carries AI beauty features, and also supports up to 8MP kinds of beauty programs, this alone is also attracting a lot of likes Self-portrait, female users.

The first is that in terms of appearance, the OPPO K3 uses a main screen size of 6.43 inches, and its clarity is also significantly improved compared to the previous generation. Up to 2560×1080 pixels, this clarity is now even more than some of today’s flagship products. In terms of appearance design, including OPPO K3, the design of water droplets will still be used. In terms of overall appearance, The difference with OPPO K1 is not very big. The biggest change is mainly reflected in some details. For example, the frame of the phone has been further reduced, so that OPPO K3 has the space occupied by the main screen. A more obvious improvement, this time reached about 93%.

In terms of internal configuration, according to the exposure data, OPPO K3 will use the CPU of the most popular Snapdragon 710 in the thousand yuan phone market, and further optimize the system, OPPO K series Then come out with a new phone? Snapdragon 710+ high face value, refresh the thousand yuan phone screen accounted for the record? Therefore, there is no problem in the operation. In terms of memory combination, it will be based on 6GB plus 128GB. The highest will reach 6GB plus 256GB. Overall, this phone is in the market of thousands of yuan ($144). It will definitely be very popular.

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We all know that OPPO’s k series is the main price/performance ratio, so OPPO K3 is definitely not too expensive in pricing, but it is inevitably more expensive than OPPO K1, but the price increase is not very large. It is expected to be the starting price at 1899 yuan ($275.77). If it is really this price, what do you think of this phone?

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