OPPO K3 Review: The Best Mid-Range Budget Smartphone of 2019


Recently, OPPO immediately launched OPPO K3 for the Mid-Range market. At the end of last year, OPPO released the K1 mobile phone, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor, priced at 1599 yuan, the most important thing is that the aircraft was the cheapest screen fingerprint mobile phone on the market at that time.

After half a year, OPPO brought K3, After a week of experience, it is now bringing you the evaluation experience of this product. OPPO K3 has three colorful gradient colors: Nebula Purple, Dark Black, and Morning White.

Design & Appearance

The front of the OPPO K3 is a complete 6.5-inch OLED full screen with a resolution of 1080P and 401dpi. The screen is fine enough. If you look carefully at the edge of the font, you can see a little graininess. However, in daily use, after the mobile phone is more than 20CM from the eye, this graininess is not felt. In addition, this screen supports DC-like dimming, with no strobe at low brightness.

In the back design, OPPO K3’s overall style is similar to that of Reno. It adopts the central axis symmetrical design. From top to bottom, it is: camera, fill light, DESIGNED BY OPPO logo, brand new OPPO Logo. In fact, after the release of Reno, most of OPPO’s other mobile phone products will follow this design idea.

In the past two years, many mobile phones have begun to adopt the vertical dual-camera design of the iPhone X. This asymmetric design has become the mainstream design language in the mobile phone market. The author’s aesthetic has already been fatigued. This kind of centered symmetrical design is particularly good.

The OPPO K3 rear shell is made of plastic material, but if you don’t get started, most of it will be considered as a glass material, but it is obvious that you can feel a certain difference after you get started. Because the K3 rear shell is made of plastic material and compared with the Reno of the frosted glass back shell, the K3 has a cool and lubricious texture that is unique to the glass.

In most people’s opinions, when it comes to the plastic backshell, everyone intuitively associates with the keyword “cheap”, but on the K3 mobile phone, the “cheap sense” of this plastic mobile phone does not exist. This reminds me of the Lumia series of mobile phones. However, the author believes that if the glass body is replaced, the texture of the mobile phone will be further improved. Because of the plastic material, the corresponding K3 machine is also much lighter, and there is no feeling of falling in the hand for a long time.

On the OPPO K3 side is a power button, the power button above is a dual SIM card slot, the left side is the volume button, the top and bottom of the phone are designed with a “crescent bend” design, that is, there is an inward groove, this design It first appeared on OPPO R11s and has become the iconic design language of OPPO mobile phones after several generations.

Since the edge of the “Crescent Crescent” is rounded and rounded, when the user holds the mobile phone in one hand, the little finger that acts as a fulcrum is no longer a sharp-edged earphone hole or charging hole, which improves the one-handed grip. Finally, the speaker is stored in the “crescent bend”, when the user is playing the game in landscape mode, the speaker is not easily blocked.

The top position of the top of the OPPO K3 mobile phone is a pop-up front-end, and the lifting structure supports 200,000+ times of lift. It is worth mentioning that the K3 has a sound during the lifting process, but it is not big. The bottom of the OPPO K3 phone is 3.5mm headphone jack, MIC opening, Type C interface, and speaker opening from left to right.

Hardware & Performance

OPPO K3 is equipped with Snapdragon 710 processor, up to 8GB + 256GB LPDDR4x + UFS2.1 high-speed memory combination, here is 8+128GB version. The Snapdragon 710 processor is very familiar to everyone, and the price range is from 1000 yuan to 3500+.

The Kryo 360 architecture used by the Snapdragon 710 uses a 2-core +6 small core 8-core design with a maximum clock speed of 2.2GHz and a GPU of Adreno 616, which achieves a 35% graphics rendering speed and supports the Vulkan API. At the same time, the graphics performance is lower.

The Snapdragon 710 on the OPPO K3 is very easy to run when running mainstream apps such as Taobao, Jingdong, etc., with 8GB of large memory, no pressure when dealing with multitasking.

Running points:

Geekbench single core 1521 points, multi-core 5670 points

Antutu runs 150,000+

3DMark running points 

After talking about the running points, let’s talk about the games that everyone cares about the most.

In the “Glory of the Kings” game, when you log in to the game interface, the frame rate will fluctuate up and down, and the frame rate fluctuation is normal. After entering the game (after 1 minute), the game is basically stable at around 60 frame rate. When encountering a group battle, the frame rate of the picture occasionally drops to about 56 and 55 frames.

The following is the 4-minute game frame rate chart of the King Glory: (click to view larger image)

In the “Peace Elite” game, the picture frame rate fluctuation is obviously more obvious than the “Glory of the King”, the average is stable at 40 frames, and occasionally it will drop to about 36 frame rate.

The following is the “Peace Elite” game frame rate chart: (click to view larger image)

Snapdragon 710 has become the first choice for today’s cost-effective mobile phones. The hardware foundations are similar, so these models of the Snapdragon 710 are in terms of games. The performance is almost the same. At this time, some of the underlying software optimizations gave the OPPO K3 the ability to overtake.

To give a less appropriate example, everyone is equipped with a 117-horsepower, 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine. How to make the car have better driving experience? Then change the smarter gearbox and make NVH better.

The GameBoost 2.0 on the OPPO K3 is considered to be the “smarter gearbox” that OPPO has created for the gaming experience. Its built-in TouchBoost technology can greatly improve the response speed of the touch screen, which improves the desktop touch performance by 34.9%, and the game glory of the king’s glory is increased by 16.2%. Its FrameBoost can predict the upcoming team battle, intelligently stimulate the performance of the mobile phone, and official oppo data. This technology can increase the frame rate stability of the king’s glory by 35.6% and the carton probability by 50%.

Especially in the “Glory of the King” game, the OPPO K3’s frame rate performance is stable, even if the picture quality is adjusted to the highest, the team cannot feel the drop frame or the card. In the heat dissipation, the “Peace Elite” game for 30 minutes, OPPO K3 slightly heated, the measured temperature is 36.4 °C.

In terms of charging and battery life, OPPO K3 has built-in 3765mAh large-capacity battery, supports VOOC 3.0 fast charge, measured charging for 30 minutes for 34%, charging for 40 minutes for 70%, charging for 60 minutes for 93%, and fully charged for about 80 minutes. The speed is relatively fast.


OPPO K3 rear 16MP + 2MP cameras, of which 16MP main cameras is IMX519, this image sensor was once launched by OPPO R15, the sensor size reached 1 / 2.6 inches. In addition, OPPO K3 also has a large aperture with F1.7.

In the actual proofs during the day, the performance of OPPO K3 is relatively good, and the color orientation is more pleasing to the human eye. Compared with the naked eye, OPPO K3 has higher daytime sample saturation and more beautiful colors. The above picture is taken from Qingdao’s sunny afternoon (turn on AI and automatic HDR). It can be seen that the sky in the proofs is more blue and deep, with a little look and feel, and the dynamic range of the picture is acceptable.

After closing the AI, the proofs are slightly lighter and more in line with the actual scene. The OPPO K3 camera also supports the colorful mode, which is similar to the “Leica” mode on Huawei mobile phones. OPPO K3 supports auto HDR mode. The left side of the figure below shows that HDR is not turned on, and the right side is HDR.X

Looking at the enlarged picture, after the HDR is turned on, the high-rise building on the left side is obviously brighter, the details of the dark part are more, and the sky in the distance is not exposed. After zooming in on the image above, you can see that although the brightness on the right side is higher, there is some noise corresponding to it, and the white balance also slightly drifts.

In the night shot, the performance of the K3 is still unexpected. The ordinary night scene performance is general, the highlights are easy to overflow, but after the super night scene 2.0 is turned on, the brightness of the screen can be obviously improved, and the details of the light and dark parts are more.

As we zoomed in, the left side is the normal night shot, and the right side is after the Super Night View 2.0 is turned on. It can be seen that the fonts on the left side of Wenfeng and the lure of the lure have been overexposed, especially the white “trick” word, the edge has been smeared into a piece, after turning on the super night scene, the white light around the word “ lure” With just the right suppression, the edges of the font are sharper and clearer.

In the Reno 10x zoom version of the camera night shot evaluation, the author found that OPPO is relatively restrained in the super night scene, but on the K3 it shows a completely different effect, which may be related to IMX519, after all, IMX519 was started by OPPO.

OPPO K3 has a certain beauty effect in portrait mode photography, but there is still room for improvement in the algorithm. For example, after the image is enlarged, the area pointed by the red arrow is not blurred.



Night light indoor

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The birth of the K series released the industry’s original definition of OPPO. From K1 to K3, the birth of these products can also see the response of OPPO to the ever-changing mobile phone market.

Since the beginning of this year, the mobile phone market has once again entered the price war, and various cost-effective models have emerged one after another. The OPPO K3 which is called “hardcore teenager”, has set off the banner of OPPO mobile phone price/performance ratio. In ColorOS 6, ultra clear night scene 2.0, VOOC 3.0, true full screen, compensated projection scheme screen fingerprint, and other support, OPPO K3 is very competitive in Mid-Range products.

  •  Super cost-effective
  • True full screen
  • Super night shots are gratifying
  • Screen fingerprint unlocked quickly


  • Plastic body
  • Slightly thicker body
  • Portrait mode has further optimization space

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