OPPO Official Confirms OPPO R11 Flagship with 20MP Dual Camera


Previously, OPPO official starts to warm up for OPPO R11, the upcoming flagship, right now they have advertised on different kinds of buildings in many cities of China, after releasing the slogan ‘Dual 20MP Front and Back camera, taking photos more clear’. Today on Oppo official Weibo, OPPO has emphasized OPPO R11 with 20MP dual camera again.

On Weibo, OPPO claims that OPPO R11 will not only use 16MP wide viewing angle, and it has 20MP long focus lens to make the object close so as to take photos in distant scene more clear. Meanwhile, this set of high definition dual camera has brought new image mode, which can take blurring image effect vividly. Meanwhile, according to previous teaser, OPPO R11 should also adopt 20MP front camera. According to today’s poster, OPPO R11 back camera solution is similar to that of Iphone 7 Plus, namely, it adopts image mode and focusing mode. Meanwhile, OPPO R11 can also support up to 10 times digital zooming besides twice optical zooming.

As for other specs, OPPO R11 will be the first smartphone to adopt Snapdragon 660 processor, it will use 5.5 inch FHD screen, RAM 4GB ROM 64GB internal storage, preinstalling Android7.1.1 OS.


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