OPPO R11s Modeling Drawings Leak: 18: 9 Ratio Screen And Fingerprint ID Placed On Back


As we know now a comprehensive screen era has come, Xiaomi, Huawei, vivo, and other first-tier manufacturers have released a comprehensive screen mobile phone, recently we heard OPPO’s full-screen mobile phone is also officially coming and that OPPO full-screen mobile phone called R11s. This new mobile officially appeared in the Ministry of Industry, together with the network there are OPPO R11s Plus.

From the naming point of view, OPPO R11s should be a small upgrade version, the most important change is a comprehensive screen. As you can see in modeling drawing, OPPO R11s using a similar Samsung S8 full-screen design, using 18: 9 Samsung AMOLED display, back design and OPPO R11 basically the same, using the all-metal body, micro-slot antenna design are left in the original position, dual cameras in the upper left corner. but OPPO R11s on the use of the front fingerprint It is placed in the back and the use of a more fitting finger of the oval design. From the exposure which can see Out, the length of the phone because of the use of a full screen has been lengthened.

OPPO R11s from the name of the R11 is only a small facelift, it may just follow the trend of the screen will be replaced by a full screen, the news shows that this product will still use Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor with 4GB memory +64 GB storage, support VOOC flash, but the detailed specifications are unclear. In addition, the Ministry of Industry did not give the aircraft documents, be left a suspense. It is reported that the aircraft will be released on 2nd November 2017, now more than half in October, if the release time is accurate, I believe that OPPO can be officially announced.

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