OPPO Reno Ace Review: With 65W SuperVOOC Fast Charging


The OPPO Reno Ace released today is a super-fast charge flagship, and its charging power has reached an astonishing 65W, which is unprecedented.

In terms of fast charging technology, OPPO has always been the first creator. From the well-known “charge for five minutes, two hours of talk” to the 65W VOOC super flashing of the new machine, it is the result of lasting deep cultivation in this field.

In addition, OPPO’s new Reno Ace 90Hz refresh rate screen, Snapdragon 855 Plus top processor and other standard flagship configurations are also absent, people are full of curiosity and expectation. Next, let’s take a look at the performance of OPPO Reno Ace through the evaluation experience.

Design & Appearance

At present OPPO Reno Ace has two different color combinations of interstellar blue and electro-acoustic purple. What we get is the interstellar blue model.

We have seen a lot of design phones for this year’s drop screens. The frontal shape of the OPPO Reno Ace can be traced back to the OPPO R17 series. At the same time, the Reno dual-machine released in April this year also brought the side lift structure.

In terms of screen ratio, the side lift structure is more visually impactful than the waterdrop screen design, but the former requires a larger body space, and the Reno Ace that uses the double battery for the super fast charge will bring more The structural design pressure, and thus the shape of the water drop screen is reasonable.

As the flagship of the younger users and mobile game enthusiasts, OPPO Reno Ace is full of energy, with a 90Hz gaming screen, which can refresh 90 images per second, peak brightness up to 700nit, HQV surreal game quality Support mobile game real-time image quality enhancement, improve picture contrast and color vividness.

The back of the phone is designed with a curved edge, which fits the palm of the hand. The grip of the OPPO Reno Ace is still superior. Although there is no mechanical deconstruction, the whole machine is not light and thin, and it is at the mainstream level of large battery mobile phones.

OPPO Reno Ace’s bottom of the fuselage, divided into speakers, Type-C interface, microphone opening, the most noteworthy is that the 3.5 mm headphone jack has also been retained.

Hardware & Performance

As we said before, with the overall improvement of the performance level of domestic mobile phones and the improvement of grades, fewer and fewer people are too entangled in performance points and paper parameters, but the performance strength is still provided. The hard foundation of the flagship experience.

At the same time, OPPO Reno Ace is a new flagship for young users and mobile game enthusiasts, and is particularly focused on the performance of the stacking – it is equipped with the Snapdragon 855 Plus. Compared with the Snapdragon 855, the Snapdragon 855 Plus has mainly made two upgrades:

First, the Kryo 485 CPU clocked up to 2.96GHz (previously Snapdragon 855 was 2.84GHz), with a single thread increase of 4.4%. Second, the Adreno 640 GPU achieved a 15% performance improvement to 675MHz (585MHz).

Master Lu

Master Lu can evaluate and compare the five core hardwares of CPU, GPU, RAM, storage and display, which is more suitable for ordinary white users to understand mobile phone related information.

GeekBench Test

About GeekBench: A cross-platform CPU performance test tool that accurately reflects the single-core and multi-core performance of the device CPU. The test load simulates real-life application design, and the results are more meaningful. It can also measure the performance of GPU graphics.

The single-core score can reflect the pros and cons of the CPU architecture design and the operating frequency. Multi-core scores reflect the efficiency of multiple CPU cores working at the same time.

For Geekbench, OPPO Reno Ace’s Snapdragon 855 Plus single-core score exceeded 3,400 points. In terms of multi-core, the score of more than 10,000 is not too different from the previous Snapdragon 855 platform.

Androbench Test

About Androbench: AndroBench is a benchmark application that measures the 4K random storage performance of Android devices, including internal or external storage.

This is a typical UFS 3.0 storage speed. UFS 3.0 random, continuous read and write rate compared to the mainstream flagship machine commonly used UFS 2.1 speed is doubled, if you have UFS 2.1 and below models can install test software to feel.

It is worth mentioning that OPPO Reno Ace is equipped with up to 12GB+256GB. It runs fast, has a large storage space, and its combination is LPDDR4x+UFS 3.0. Continuous read and write, random read and write speeds are faster.


In terms of taking pictures, OPPO Reno Ace is equipped with 48 million four-shots, and the overall level is at the mainstream level of its flagship. In terms of video, it supports the new Ultra Steady Super Anti-Shake, and it doesn’t shake when recording video. Here we focus on the camera part.

Specifically, OPPO Reno Ace’s four photographic systems are made up of 48MP main shots. The Sony IMX586, 8MP wide-angle lenses, 2MP black, and white lenses and a 13MP vertical telephoto lens.

Daytime Proofs

This is the macro proof of the main camera, and the daytime resolution provided by the 48MP main camera is worthy of recognition.

Wider Lens

The OPPO Reno Ace is equipped with a 116° super wide-angle lens. After the super wide-angle mode is turned on, the field of view will expand outwards, making it ideal for shooting large scenes.

Working with three cameras of different focal lengths, OPPO Reno Ace supports up to 5x hybrid light and 20x digital zoom. As shown above, OPPO Reno Ace has the ability to shoot in full focus.

Night proofs

Not only during the day but even at night, the record of 48MP main shots for the night scene is also excellent.

Video anti-shake

OPPO Reno Ace supports up to 4K 60fps video and can shoot 1080 60fps video after turning on the ultra-clear video stabilization mode. There are also slow-motion videos, video zoom, video blur, super wide-angle video, and smart video editing.

As we all know, the application of anti-shake technology on the rear lens of the mobile phone brings a fairly reliable and stable experience for taking photos and video recording. In order to verify the video anti-shake effect of OPPO Reno Ace, we recorded two videos (the following are converted into animations) under the same shooting conditions to compare and observe.

It can be seen that OPPO Reno Ace solves the problem of blurring the picture when you use the rear camera to shoot video. From then on, you don’t have to worry about the picture jitter.

90Hz Screen Display

As we mentioned earlier, OPPO Reno Ace uses a 90Hz e-sports screen, which can refresh 90 images per second, with a peak brightness of 700nit. HQV surreal game quality supports real-time image quality enhancement of mobile games, improving picture contrast. And in color.

We focus on the 90Hz gaming screen, which has a refresh rate of up to 90hz. To know that even in 2019 today, the mainstream flagship machines on the market are basically 60hz, even including iPhone and Samsung.

Speaking of the refresh rate Hz, we have to talk about the frame rate fps. The refresh rate Hz refers to the display refresh rate, which indicates the physical refresh rate of the display. For example, OPPO Reno Ace’s 90Hz screen can refresh 90 pictures in one second, and many other 60Hz screen models can only refresh 60 pictures.

The frame rate refers to the speed of the picture refresh rate. For example, 80fps means that 80 pictures are refreshed in one second. The frame rate is usually affected by the graphics processor of the device. The stronger the graphics processing power, the higher the frame rate.

For example, if the frame rate of a mobile game is stable to 80fps, but the display only supports 60Hz, then the frame rate of 80fps cannot be displayed on the display, because the display can only display 60 frames per second, which is wasted. In other words, in order to truly experience the high frame rate, the display device must be in place to experience a high frame rate.

The high refresh rate brings not only the quick response of the game but more importantly, the smooth and smooth hand-to-hand experience. We have tested that most of the current popular apps, even the number of frames including Taobao, can reach almost 60 frames, so it is certain that the visual experience using OPPO Reno Ace is definitely better than other models.

The 90Hz screen has only just begun to emerge. With the follow-up of the whole industry, the software business will definitely change the frame number limit, so although some games at this stage are still not used, with the follow-up industry, this screen will not be wasted. In the future, if the number of frames can exceed 60 when playing games, you will feel that OPPO Reno Ace’s game is more smooth.

BatteryCharging for 5 minutes, black for 2 hours OPPO Reno Ace first evaluation: this flagship used can not go back

I don’t know if you still remember the classic slogan “Charging for five minutes, talking for two hours”. The OPPO R9’s fast charge and long battery life characteristics along with VOOC flash charge spread along the streets.

The development of fast charging technology is far from the end. This time OPPO Reno Ace brought SuperVOOC 2.0 with a power of 65W – “Charging for 5 minutes, opening black for 2 hours”. During the test, we found that the equivalent 4000mAh double battery can be filled in 30 minutes.

At the same time, GaN adapters, custom wires, and high-standard 3C batteries allow OPPO Reno Ace to carry large charging currents in the scene of the side-by-side play. Reno Ace also supports PD2.0, QC2.0, and VOOC 3.0 fast charge protocols, ensuring good compatibility.

In order to verify that “Charging for 5 minutes, blacking for 2 hours” is not a gimmick, we did the following test:

It can be seen that in just five minutes, the mobile phone’s power is charged from 10% to 35.63%, that is, 5 minutes is charged to 25.63 %. So how long does it take for the battery to last for 5 minutes? Let’s take a look at it. As shown in the above picture, we started playing the mobile game “Glory of the King” in the default quality.

After charging for 5 minutes, unplug the charging cable. After 2 hours of gameplay, this OPPO Reno Ace only consumes 19% of the power. The promotion of “Charging for 5 minutes, blacking for 2 hours” is indeed a problem.

In this regard, we can give an unheard of evaluation to express the feeling of OPPO Reno Ac’s 65W super flash charging technology and endurance performance. It is really that people don’t want to go back to other mobile phones when they run out.

There is no doubt that OPPO once again sat on the throne of the first mobile phone charging industry.

Verdict & Buy

In the actual experience, we verified that Reno Ace can achieve the amazing performance of “Charging for 5 minutes, black for two hours”, thanks to OPPO Reno Ace’s 65W SuperVOOC 2.0, which has become the mass-produced mobile phone charging. The mobile phone with the highest power and the fastest charging speed. It’s true that people don’t want to go back to other phones when they run out.

Not only supports 18W PD, but it also supports 18W QC fast charge and 20W VOOC flash charge. And this time the use of VC soaking plate condensation heat + ice carbon (composite carbon fiber) + multi-layer graphite heat dissipation, together form an ice-carbon constant cooling system, does not have to worry about cell phone heating while playing.

OPPO Reno Ace is equipped with the Snapdragon 855 Plus mobile platform, with a maximum of 12+256GB memory combination, all standard UFS 3.0. In terms of taking pictures, OPPO Reno Ace is equipped with 48 million ultra-clear four-shots and supports 5 times mixed-light to change, all of which are at the excellent level of the flagship models of the same class.

OPPO Reno Ace is OPPO’s newly developed product line. With the customized 90Hz high refresh rate + 135Hz touch sampling rate screen, it can make daily tap, slide, and in-game operations more smooth and comfortable, with a more normal 60Hz screen. Significant.

For young users and mobile game enthusiasts, OPPO Reno Ace is a huge attraction, it is not a “game phone”, but in terms of its product strength, it is better than “game phone”.


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