OPPO Smart Door Lock: Automatic Lock Body, 6 Unlocking Methods


OPPO Smart Door Lock released its first smart door lock and officially opened an appointment. The smart door lock launched this time not only has a patented automatic lock body, twelve-layer security protection, and other eye-catching configurations but also creates an experience such as one-stop mobile phone management and smart home linkage.

OPPO Smart Door Lock has up to 200,000 fingerprint clicks and 200,000 door opening and closing tests in the product development stage; OPPO smart door lock can easily cope with -20~60 ℃ working temperature, 120 hours surface Tests in extreme scenarios such as salt spray.

The OPPO smart door lock is equipped with a fully automatic lock body certified by a national patent. The in-line C-level lock cylinder eliminates the risk of violent damage to the lock body to open the door. The 5-fold sensor fully senses the state of the lock tongue, which further adds to the security protection. The built-in motor and smart sensor in the lock body can provide the experience of “one-touch automatic unlocking and door closing automatic locking”.

When encountering abnormal situations such as the door is not closed, the door lock is pried, the verification error is repeated many times, and the battery is too low, the OPPO smart door lock will issue an alarm and send an abnormal notification to the mobile phone. In the commonly used password verification scenarios, the 20-digit virtual password solves the problem of users touching the number keys by mistake, and can also effectively prevent password leakage.

The inner panel of OPPO smart door lock products is equipped with a purely mechanical unlocking knob. Even if the panel is damaged, the user can quickly open the door manually; the indoor handle adopts a dual-sensing unlocking method to prevent accidental opening of the door, while the structure design of the inactive handle can also prevent criminals from technically unlocking the lock from the cat’s eye.

In terms of fingerprint unlocking, the OPPO Door lock adopts a Swedish FPC semiconductor fingerprint recognition module, which is anti-static and anti-wear, and the recognition speed is less than 0.5s, and the recognition success rate is also significantly higher than other fingerprint modules. The built-in independent AI chip of the module can be dynamically identified through an autonomous algorithm, and there is no need to worry about the security threat caused by the copying of fingerprints by others.

In terms of intelligence, through the mobile app, users can intuitively grasp the current status of OPPO smart door locks, door lock dynamic records, and other information, and can also remotely receive alarm notifications of abnormal door locks to understand home security conditions in real-time.

The OPPO Door Lock has a built-in smart doorbell with a large sound cavity, which not only has a bell reminder on the door but also can receive visiting information on the mobile phone. In the special case of no one at home when the guest visits, the user can also randomly generate a temporary password through the mobile app, and the password will automatically expire after one use, so there is no need to worry about password leakage.

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OPPO smart door lock supports multi-scene linkage of smart home devices. By presetting the scene through the mobile app, you can easily realize intelligent control such as turning off the camera at home, turning on the arming mode when leaving home, waking up the sweeping robot, and turning off some power supplies.

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