OPPO Watch 3 Pro Review: Everything is Fully Upgraded


The OPPO Watch 3 series we are going to talk about in this issue is a flagship full-smart watch. The previous generation of the OPPO Watch 2 series won the “Android Watch King” with the top-level hardware configuration and rich application support at that time, as well as the exclusively developed UDDE dual-engine hybrid technology that combines the powerful functions of Android and the advantages of RTOS long battery life. ‘s reputation.

The just-released OPPO Watch 3 Pro is not only the first 4nm Snapdragon W5 wearable platform but also the first smart wearable device equipped with LTPO adaptive refresh rate screen in China. It also ushered in a comprehensive upgrade in form design. Let us now See what new experiences it brings.


Compared with the previous two generations, the appearance design of the OPPO Watch 3 Pro has changed a lot. The unique 1.91-inch full-curved screen on the front and the four borders are designed with equal width, which makes the whole watch look more technological and recognizable. Not only the appearance is outstanding, but the display efficiency and touch experience of the large screen are also better.

And the entire watch body is designed with a 3D micro-arc structure. The curved surface design extends from the screen to the strap, showing a high degree of integration, but also brings just the right hand feel, which is more comfortable to wear than traditional square watches. Significant improvement.

The side of the OPPO Watch 3 Pro is replaced by a rotating crown, which replaces the previous double-sided keys. The crown is made of stainless steel and has been sandblasted with CD pattern to highlight it. It has a more advanced texture like a mechanical watch. Controls such as page turning and volume adjustment bring a new interactive experience.

The desert brown version used this time uses a leather strap, which has a more lustrous appearance and is softer, skin-friendly and breathable to wear. If you need to replace the official fluororubber strap, or other colorful and personalized third-party straps, you can press the quick-release button on the back to replace it.

The OPPO Watch 3 Pro uses magnetic base charging, supports Watch VOOC, and can be fully charged in about 1 hour. The raised part of the heart rate sensor is not high, and a relatively gentle arc transition is made, which will not cause obvious discomfort when wearing it.

In addition, OPPO Watch 3 Pro is equipped with the first wearable LTPO adaptive refresh rate screen in China, which supports the always-on display function, so that the stylish and exquisite dial can be kept online 24/7, which doubles its decorative properties and allows important information to be seen at a glance. No need to lift your wrist to turn on the screen anymore.

The dial support of OPPO Watch 3 Pro is very rich. In addition to the pre-installed classic dials and hundreds of official dials in the dial store, there are also custom light-painted dials, AI wear dials and other custom dials, and Omoji dials have been added. and video watch faces.

The Omoji dial can communicate with the Omoji of the mobile phone to display a personalized avatar. The video watch face supports setting MP4 and GIF formats as watch faces. You can lift your wrist to light up the screen and click to play, or you can rotate the crown to play frame by frame.

UDDE dual-engine hybrid upgrade, always bright and long battery life

For all smart watches, the biggest pain point is the battery life. For example, the Apple Watch can only provide a standard battery life of 18 hours so far, which not only needs to be charged every day but also causes inconvenience to wear during sleep.

OPPO Watch 3 Pro upgrades the new UDDE dual-engine hybrid 2.0 technology, that is, it is equipped with Snapdragon W5 performance core and Apollo4 plus low-power core dual-chip. seamless switching, taking into account high performance and long battery life.

When the watch is in light application scenarios such as time notification and sleep monitoring, it is supported by the Apollo4 plus low-power chip.

In scenarios with high-performance requirements, such as opening applications, it seamlessly switches to the Snapdragon W5 chip, providing powerful performance support, ensuring fast response of applications and a stable 60-frame smooth display.

The process technology of the next-generation Snapdragon W5 flagship wearable platform has been upgraded from the previous generation’s 12nm to the current industry-leading 4nm, and the application power consumption has been reduced by up to 40% compared with the previous generation.

And the small core chip jointly developed by OPPO and Ambiq has also been upgraded to the Apollo 4 Plus, which has a 25% increase in bandwidth compared to the previous generation of the drive screen, and now supports some dynamic dials in the light smart mode.

Through the intelligent switching of dual chips, the system resources are reasonably allocated. The OPPO Watch 3 Pro achieves an ultra-long battery life of 5 days in full smart mode. The battery life of the always-on mode display has also reached 3.5 days. While having a comprehensive functional experience, No need to endure one charge a day.

When you do not need to use smart apps for a long time, you can also switch the watch to light smart mode, and still retain sports watch functions such as sports health monitoring, receiving notifications, and dials, which is equivalent to becoming a sports watch. At this time, it supports up to 15 It has a long battery life and is a good assistant for long-distance travel and business trips.


In addition to the original more than 100 sports modes, the OPPO Watch3 series has added a tennis mode, which supports the number of shots (total shots, serve, forehand, backhand), swing speed, active time, heart rate, Data display of five dimensions of calorie consumption.

OPPO Watch 3 series supports automatic recognition of 6 sports modes, including running (outdoor, indoor), walking (outdoor, indoor), outdoor cycling, swimming, rowing machine, elliptical machine;

There are three automatic pauses, including running (outdoor, indoor), walking (outdoor, indoor), and the newly upgraded outdoor cycling. In these scenarios, the watch will automatically record data according to the user’s movement state, and you can start without a manual click.

The running mode has also been greatly upgraded, and the functions are more professional and meticulous. Added more than 10 professional running data records such as stride frequency, stride length, maximum oxygen uptake, and aerobic training effects; when you start running, you can monitor the rate of heart rate rise and warn of excessive heart rate in time;

The interface supports always-on display, and information can be seen at any time during running; after running, you can also evaluate cardiopulmonary capacity and heart rate recovery; the data sharing page presents a video track map, which can share every long-distance running achievement.

If you don’t know how much exercise you are suitable for, you can use the exercise ability assessment, through some simple warm-up exercises, to estimate and report your physical fitness, and give targeted suggestions, so as to “test ,first and then practice”.


In the all-intelligent mode of the Android system, OPPO Watch 3 Pro can support 80+ practical apps, including WeChat (Kids Edition), QQ, Alipay, Baidu Maps, Pocket Bus, Tencent News, Express 100, etc., covering almost daily life every aspect of life.

As the most important information and social apps, in addition to receiving messages and payment functions, WeChat and QQ on OPPO Watch can also reply to messages by voice or voice-to-text, so that important information is not missed at all times.

The Alipay App supports the most commonly used functions such as payment codes, ride codes, and Ant Forest energy collection in the full smart mode, and also supports payment codes in the light smart mode.

When going out, if the mobile phone is out of power, or it is inconvenient to view the mobile phone navigation when riding a shared bicycle, you can use Baidu Maps for navigation, and real-time wrist text prompts and voice broadcasts will make the travel experience easier.

OPPO Watch 3 Pro also has rich support for music apps. Apps such as QQ Music, Kuwo, NetEase Cloud, Kugou, and Migu Music can be used independently.

It also supports logging in to the account to synchronize mobile phone playlists. You can connect to Bluetooth headsets or play through watch speakers during leisure sports. It is worth mentioning that its external sound is loud enough, almost as good as mobile phones.

In the state of interconnection with mobile phones above ColorOS 11.2, OPPO Watch 3 Pro also brings an e-sports mode. When playing chicken in this mode, the watch will prompt the skydive time; when playing “Honor of Kings”, if the hero is killed, the watch can also display the resurrection time in real time and issue a reminder.

In addition, OPPO Watch 2 will also record the user’s heart rate and other data in real time, and integrate it into the battle report, allowing players to review their heart rate when they are high in the group, which is also an interesting little function.

When the watch is interconnected with OPPO Reno6 Pro+, Find X3 series, and Find X5 series mobile phones, it also supports the photo assistant function, providing synchronized mobile phone viewfinder, remote shutter, and timing photos.

For example, when you take photos with friends, travel, and have dinner, you can use OPPO Watch 3 Pro to control the phone to take photos. As long as you pose, the watch can help you free your hands and take pictures with one click.

In addition to serving as a bus and access card, the NFC function of the watch is also suitable for the largest number of car companies, including BYD, Changan Auchan, Airways, Changan, Lantau, Dongfeng Honda, GAC Honda, and No. 9 electric vehicles. By connecting with different devices, OPPO Watch 3 Pro brings a more convenient experience to our smart life.

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A series of new designs, such as the growth design on the wrist, the rotating crown, the leather strap and the first LTPO always-on screen in Android, make the OPPO Watch 3 Pro have an extremely outstanding appearance and high-quality texture in smart wearable devices.

The excellent energy efficiency of the new-generation Snapdragon W5 platform and the power-saving features of the LTPO screen allow it to achieve an excellent experience of all-intelligence, always-on display, and long battery life in a limited volume. Watches and even the entire smart wearable field are still “unique”.

It can be said that whether you want to try a fashionable and high-value sports watch, or a full-fledged smartwatch that is powerful enough to be comparable to a mobile phone, OPPO Watch 3 Pro will be a satisfactory choice for you.

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