OPPO Watch Free Review: Your Watch Knows Your Sleep Better


With the faster and faster pace of modern life, the pressure of study, work, and life has also caused a lot of impact on the public’s sleep.

According to extensive data statistics in 2020, the average sleep duration of Chinese people is about 6.92 hours, and they generally fall asleep around the early morning. In addition to shorter and shorter sleep times, people are also paying more and more attention to improving sleep quality.

In the past two years, smart bracelets and smartwatches have become good partners for public health. Sleep, heart rate, stress, exercise, etc., are not a problem, and the boundaries between the two have become increasingly blurred.

Recently, OPPO officially released OPPO Watch Free, which is such a cross-border product, positioned as a “super-sleeping watch” with the primary function of “wearing lightly and sleeping deeply.”

The OPPO Watch Free has a bodyweight of only 33g, corresponding to the “Free” in the name. The lightweight gives the wrist a feeling of “free” and can realize the OSleep full-scene sleep monitoring function to protect the user’s healthy sleep: professional sports and health functions and diversified intelligent interconnection experience.

In addition, the pursuit of individuality is also the most critical factor when young users buy products. At this point, OPPO, which has a unique concept of aesthetics, naturally does not need to worry about appearance.

Now, our fast technology has received this quiet night black color matching OPPO Watch Free, so let’s take a look at the performance of this watch. The following figure shows the specific parameters:


Like other watch products, OPPO Watch Free uses a rectangular white packaging box with OPPO Watch Free renderings and product models printed on the front.

OPPO Watch Free continues the stylish appearance of the OPPO family. The dial adopts a 1.64-inch, 280×456 resolution AMOLED screen, and the front is covered with 2.5D curved glass. The edge of the screen is slightly curved, and the rim of the dial is also avoided. Come to cut the feel of the hand.

The advantage of using an AMOLED screen is that the color display effect is good, it will save more power in daily life, and the operation is also very silky. OPPO Watch Free can change the dial through the mobile App. Whether it is calm, lively, or fashionable, you can choose a variety of styles.

Above the chassis are two magnetic charging ports, and in the middle are multiple sensors, which can monitor the user’s health data in real-time. OPPO Watch Free adopts a buckle-type strap disassembly design, which is convenient for users to replace different straps.

There is only one microphone on the left side of the dial, and there is no physical button on the watch as a whole. It is recommended to enable the “lift to wake up” and “double-tap screen to wake up” functions in the OPPO Watch Free settings. OPPO Watch Free uses a silicone strap.

With the magnetic charging base attached to OPPO Watch Free, the watch can be fully charged in just one and a half hours.

Hands-on experience

Looking at the dial first, the familiar OPPO exclusive “X”-shaped evaluation system can visually display the user’s steps, exercise duration, calorie consumption, and activity times in a four-color histogram, letting users know whether today’s activities are up to standard.

Swipe to the left on the main interface; you can see the activity, sleep, heart rate, and blood oxygen data, which is highly consistent with the operation of OPPO’s Watch product.

Swipe to the right on the main interface, and it is all OPPO Watch Free application interface, built-in some health App, also supports WeChat and Alipay scan code payment.

For daily collocation, OPPO Watch Free also provides various dials in the “Huantai Health” mobile app. No matter what style you want, you can always find a deal that meets your needs here.

In addition to sleep, OPPO Watch Free has professional exercise functions, supports 100+ exercise modes, monitors the heart rate in real-time during exercise, prompts when the heart rate is abnormal and warns of health risks. The watch also supports a 50-meter deep dive level waterproof, allowing users to use it worry-free when swimming and diving.

Sleep Experience

The “sleep full-scene sleep monitoring” function that this watch is equipped with covers the whole scene before going to bed, during sleep, and after sleep. Let’s take a look at the performance of this watch.

OPPO teamed up with Tsinghua University to establish a “Future Terminal Technology Joint Research Center”, which has carried out several collaborations in the sleep field to provide users with more guidance, help users improve their sleep levels, deepen their sleep monitoring capabilities, and cooperate with professional sleep APPs. To enhance the professionalism of sleep monitoring, let’s look at how detailed this OPPO Watch Free sleeps.

To enable the sleep reminder function, you need to set the work and rest time on the “Huantai Health” mobile app first. Then at a specific time on OPPO Watch Free, the user will be intimately reminded of friendly reminders such as bedtime coming soon and staying up less. , Connect the phone in parallel to enter the gray-toned sleep mode to help users fall asleep better.

When the watch detects that you fall asleep, it will automatically turn off the music playing so that you can get better sleep. OPPO Watch Free can be said to be your sleep assistant.

For OPPO Watch Free, as long as the work and rest time is set on the mobile phone App, you can check the sleep level directly on the watch after the sleep is over. The various aspects of deep sleep, light sleep, rapid eye movement, wakefulness, etc., are given for each stage of sleep—more intuitive data. OPPO Watch Free also supports real-time blood oxygen monitoring, snoring monitoring, etc.

Among them, blood oxygen saturation will affect the oxygen supply status of various organs. If the content is too low, it may cause dizziness, headache, inattention, and memory loss.

The problem of snoring cannot be ignored. Many people think that snoring is a manifestation of sound sleep. Long-term snorers may be accompanied by sleep apnea syndrome, but the severity of the problem has not caused enough seriousness. In severe cases, it may also cause respiratory arrest and other issues. For example, when the frequency of snoring is too high, and blood oxygen is low, stay up late, drink less, eat less greasy food, and exercise more.

OPPO Watch Free can combine blood oxygen, heart rate, and snoring sound to analyze sleep breathing comprehensively and provide a sleep report after waking up. Users can also use this to improve their problems. It can be said to wear a small sleep monitor on the wrist. But if the data is not optimistic, it is recommended to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

If you don’t have time to see a doctor, the “Huantai Health” mobile app also supports online consultation with a doctor, allowing users to obtain more authoritative answers. There are also 14-day sleep instinct training camps and innovative sleep plans, which can significantly improve users’.

In addition, OPPO Watch Free also has two intimate details: sedentary reminder, which allows users to pay attention to physical health problems caused by inactive sitting, and provides a five-minute sedentary relaxation video tutorial; drinking water reminder can remind users to be on time Drink water to replenish body moisture.

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From the experience point of view, OPPO Watch Free is equipped with sleep full-scene sleep monitoring function, with multiple monitoring functions of blood oxygen and heart rate, which realizes bedtime reminder, bedtime analysis, and data after bedtime, allowing users to improve their sleep in an all-round way Level and have a better understanding of one’s health level.

Relevant data shows that the later you fall asleep, the less time you spend in deep sleep, and the higher the proportion of deep sleep in the overall length of sleep, the better the quality of sleep.

Simply put, it is better to go to bed early and get up early to ensure adequate sleep time. Otherwise, even with the help of sound equipment, only knowing the data does not make actual changes, then the quality of sleep will not improve.

In addition to sleep, OPPO Watch Free also intimately added sedentary reminders and drinking reminders and support for a variety of sports modes. The lightweight body of only 33g realizes rich and professional sports and health functions, and the core functions are the same. Less, it can be seen that OPPO has polished this watch to the extreme.

So, how about battery life? According to the author’s experience, when the real-time heart rate, stress, sleep, and other health monitoring functions are fully turned on, OPPO Watch Free consumes about 15-18% of the power a day, which can be used for about a week after conversion.

Of course, you can turn off some functions, can achieve up to 14 days of battery life, and charge for 5 minutes can be used for a whole day.

As a trendy technology product that focuses on fashion and sleep monitoring, OPPO Watch Free is not expensive in terms of price. OPPO Watch Free has two versions to choose from: the standard version is priced at 549 yuan, and the NFC version is priced at 599 yuan.

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