Oppo Waterfall Screen: More Curved Screen Without the Side Buttons


Oppo‘s next mobile will have a screen with a curve so steep that it literally leaves no room for physical buttons. If it is a good or bad idea, it is something that remains to be seen, but it is official. It is called the ” Waterfall Screen ” and will be available in a model not yet determined next year.

The first images of the phone have been published by the company’s vice president on his personal page of the Weibo network in China. The photos do not show the back of the mobile, only the screen from different angles and of course, it is striking. Its 88-degree curvature makes the terminal very close to 100% ratio between mobile and screen. In other words, its front face is all screen, with only minimal margins at the bottom and top.

全球首款 OPPO瀑布屏真机横空出世:弯曲度高达88度

On the right, the mobile with Waterfall Screen, on the left, an Oppo Find X.

The design does not clarify how exactly this screen will work or how Oppo will do to prevent us from activating any option involuntarily when holding the phone.

The world's first OPPO waterfall screen was born: the curvature is as high as 88 degrees

The most likely option is that the manufacturer integrates some type of system that recognizes certain patterns of pulsations, but it is a risky bet considering that the sides are the area in which all terminals usually carry the ignition and volume controls as a little bit.

The world's first OPPO waterfall screen was born: the curvature is as high as 88 degrees

The lack of margin at the top suggests that Oppo will once again bet on a flip-up mechanism for the front camera and a fingerprint sensor under the screen like those of the Oppo Reno 10X Zoom. At the moment the images belong to a prototype not yet revealed that we will see at some point in 2020.

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