Ordro X86 3G Smartwatch 1.54inch 512MB+4GB Review by @GEARBEST (Coupon Inside)


We’ve seen a lot of amazing smartwatches from Ordro but just when we thought we’ve seen it all, it’s just unveils another. The Ordro X86 3G SmartWatch Phone is a low budget clock which supplies like high-end equipment. Although it is considered to be a low-budget device, we can not ignore the fact that its simple design acceptable considering the cheap price.

Design and Display

Ordro smartwatches are known for their sleek design and appearance and Ordro X86 3G Smart Watch Phone is no different. It has a unique design with a 1.54-inch rectangular capacitive display that produces stunning images. The chassis is forged from quality metal and its ultra-thin edges which surround the display further hypes its beauty. This watch is not unnecessarily false since it only weighs 79 grams so your wrist is always free, even while wearing the watch. To be honest, Ordro series has a similar design, but this product has a unique contact with its matched inner plastic band.

Battery & Features

The Ordro X86 3G Smart Watch Phone ships with Android 4.4, which is not bad for a smartwatch, because it can definitely perform all functions without delays or be buffering. It is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 and sports WiFi-802 / b / g / n with GSM + WCDMA network.The Ordro X86 3G Smart Watch Phone Equipped with built-in 600 mAh battery, which has a six-hour working when using WiFi and Bluetooth. This device is designed with a sleep monitoring function and it supports online and local video music. It further supports the anti-lost alarm and remote control camera functions.

Hardware & Performance

The Ordro X86 3G smart watch phone Equipped with an MTK6572 dual-core processor clocking 1.0 GHz combined with 512 GB and 4GB of RAM of internal memory. The large internal memory compensates for the lack of RAM. The working capacity of the processor is very high, which makes this smartwatch a one-touch product. The camera department is one of the weakest aspects of this smartwatch. It packs a 0.3-megapixel front camera. The Ordro X86 is designed with six lenses, OIS, and 3D noise reduction, ensuring a smooth HD video recording. The clock supports a nano-SIM card that you can use to make 3G calls.


Features: GPS, pedometer, (please measured at bright) heart rate monitor, the incoming call notification, music, weather, alarm clock, gravity sensor, date, time, browser, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (used successfully within 6M I can do it), GPS: Before using, please check the acquisition authority of the position information. And, does not use the GPS function in the room, please note. In the outdoor, you can use the GPS function in places where Google Maps is used, Push notification feature: After you have installed the instruction manual or a smartwatch management application to scan the QR code in the “APP” of, by Bluetooth in the management application, after connecting to the mobile phone, smartphone is Twitter, from such as Facebook when you get the information, smartwatch us have announced in Vibe, Phone function by itself also available: the main nuclear CPU is equipped with a MediaTek MTK6572, it features a high-performance. Has a 3G communication function corresponding to the WCDMA, phone, and SMS communication functions alone by inserting a nanoSIM is available, USB charging and Wi-Fi: charging terminals can be easily connected and close since become a magnet type, also data exchange with the computer, it can be done by USB cable. This coupled with Wi-Fi, but not be able to use its own wireless LAN, as a hot spot, and, if the smartwatch is not used for a long time, Wi-Fi will be automatically disconnected.


So that the mobile phone of the notification can receive on track, or management application is running in the background all the way, or notification rights management application is allowed, also, as Twitter, detailed notification to the application of Facebook, etc. are displayed Please check whether we installed.When using a heart rate monitor, please be measured at the location where the light beam is sufficient.If you do not want to use the smartwatch in a long time because Wi-Fi is automatically disconnected.You can grab Ordro X86 3G Smartwatch on available at GEARBEST in just $45.07 using with a coupon code GBMBP.


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