ORTUR launches Laser Master 2 Pro, Bringing Engraving to the Next Level


This week, Laser expert ORTUR is officially launching Laser Master 2 Pro, upgrading the Laser Master 2 on all aspects of specification and performance. It has cost 9 months of research and development to finally enable a premium laser engraving experience that can cover the needs of medium or even higher level of users at an accessible price.


Ultimate Engraving Experience with Higher Precision


Laser Master 2 Pro is equipped with an OLM-PRO-V10 motherboard and 32-bit MCU +24V Circuit. As accurate as 0.08mm*0.15mm, the focal spot is a quarter the size of the average lasers’ focal spot. Due to the use of a 12bit precision PWM control signal, more than 1000 grayscale performances give you real photo-like details. 

Left – Other Machine –Right – Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro

Advanced high power 2nd generation FAC technology laser module offers more power options from 1W to 40W. For the same amount of power, a 50mm fixed-focus thinner laser beam can cut a thicker object, 9 mm thick board is not the limit.


Three Times Faster Than Average


Ortur engineer team optimized the motion algorithm and upgrade it to Ortur Laser 1.5 series firmware; increasing the maximum speed from 4000mm/min to 10000mm/min. Besides, compared with the traditional USB to the serial port which only has 921,600; the MCU native USB CDC interface supports a baud rate as high as 2,000,000, greatly reduce the delay caused by command transmission, shorten the engraving time. Therefore, the engraving speed of Laser Master 2 pro is twice that of Laser Master 2, three times than average in the market. Besides, the ORTUR laser engravers are fully tested by Laser, the world’s most popular free and open-source laser control software, and are proved to be easy to use.


24-hour Stable and Consistent Engraving


24V electric system in motherboard supports powerful laser module and more add-ons. As tested, the towline-covered cable can withstand more than 5,000,000 bends, which provides a longer life for the engraver. Buckle-in wire connection, high-quality flexible cables, and wire-protecting chains ensure 24 hours uninterrupted operation and consistent engraving results.


Worry-Free For Safety


More features for safety purposes are built-in Laser Master 2 Pro that users can engrave without concern. When the machine is displaced or tilted, or computer crashes during the engraving process, or motors stop moving, the laser will automatically stop to prevent any possible damage. Any flame detected, the alarm will buzz and flash. Furthermore, an Emergency Stop Button is added to make sure it can be stopped manually when necessary.

Now Laser Master 2 Pro is available on www.ortur.net at $399. The first 100 consumers will get a $10 cashback and the first 5 consumers every day will get a free Ortur YRR2.0 Rotary Roller for Cylinder Engraving worth at $67.99. You can use coupon code: ORTURPRO at $389

At ORTUR, Users Can Make an Impact

Once strictly the preserve of industrial manufacturers; laser engraving is now a common and increasingly adopted tool for small businesses, product designers; makers, and hobbyists. In some cases, there’s a good chance that a laser engraver might prove to be the most advantageous technology for everybody’s needs. 

ORTUR kicked off its journey on laser engraver in 2018. Having been in the industry for years, Founder Justin knew the best strategy to get into the game fast. He found his first group of beta testers from engineers, designers, small business owners and tested the product among end-users. The firsthand information from end-users was the key to make Laser Master 2 a star in the laser engraving world. 

Throughout the years, he consistently heard from his users giving reviews and feedback about Laser Master 2. The café shop owner who used Laser Master 2 to spread his brand in a little town; The French Chateau owner who needs to engrave his Chateau pattern on the barrel; The British club manager who produces tailor-made souvenirs for team members; And the boyfriend who proposed to his girlfriend in a restaurant with a steak engraved with “Marry Me”. These people and their stories with engravers become the motivation for ORTUR to keep its momentum.

Now ORTUR has a FB group with over 17k core users that can continuously provide valuable upgrading suggestions for ORTUR’s products. Laser Master 2 Pro has gone through at least 8 rounds of sample tests before it was finally approved by the engineering team and beta testers. “ORTURS users are the core asset for us,” Justin said.


Founded in 2018, ORTUR was established by a group of young engineers; with the purpose of creating a company of innovation, vitality, and creativity. Now ORTUR becomes a known and reference name in the world of laser engraving with warehouses in the US; Belgium, and China to serve customers from over 100 countries. Up to now, the star product Laser Master 2 has been sold for 150k units worldwide.

The commitment to expanding and improving the technology of laser engravers is ORTUR’s top priority. Meanwhile, ORTUR is also introducing Hobby machines in the realms of CNC machines as well as 3D printing in the coming years.


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