OUKITEL Start Brand Sale for Smartphones around 6000mAh, low to $79.99


In about one month, 2018 FIFA World Cup is starting. Many fans are waiting to see the live broadcast, even if it takes all night long. So a smartphone that supports long time video playing is necessary. Here OUKITEL is holding this brand sale, especially for large battery smartphones, supporting enough power for watching World Cup matches. Starting from $79.99, OUKITEL introduces 4 smartphones around 6000mAh battery for this brand sale: K6000, K6000 Plus, K3, and K6. All these 4 are at a big discount.

According to research, smartphones around 60000mAh is a best seller among large battery smartphones. Comparing to smartphones with super large 10000mAh battery, smartphones around 6000mAh is far too thinner and lighter in weight, and more fashionable in designs. While comparing to smartphones below 6000mAh, it supports enough power. If you want to watch World Cup matches throughout the night, it needs at least more than 10hours video playing. That’s the time that a 60000mAh battery smartphone can support.

The 4 flash sale smartphones are all around 6000mAh battery, but the specs are different, that decides the price of each smartphone.

All the 4 smartphones are joining the brand sale from May 8th until May 15th with special prices within brand equity. If you are looking for a smartphone that supports a long time video playing, check these 4 first. More details.


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