Parrot Minidrone Night McLane Airborne RC Quadcopter Smart look light weight and secure review by @TOMTOP (Coupon Inside)


Go on around-the-clock adventures with your second-generation Parrot Airborne Night MiniDrone. This futuristic MiniDrone features two powerful headlights with adjustable intensity. Choose from Flash, Blink and Light Wave modes to set the mood. Add the sturdy, removable shield to take on more challenging environments.The  Parrot Minidrone RC Quadcopter is one of Parrot’s next-generation mini drone. Strong and impact-resistant, you can customise it in no time.

The Parrot Minidrone RC Quadcopter can reach incredible speeds of 11.18 mph – perfect for high-speed chases or aerobatic maneuvers. Compact, ultra-fast, and ultra-light at just 54 g, control your Parrot Minidrone RC Quadcopter instantly from your smartphone or tablet. Become a master in no time.

Indoors or outdoors, perform non-stop 90° and 180° turns. With a single click, carry out front, back, and side loops. You can even make your drone start up again while it’s in free fall: thanks to an exclusive feature, its motors automatically start when you turn it on. It’s up to you to defy gravity!With the FreeFall Takeoff feature, you can release your MiniDrone into the air and the propellers immediately come to life. If your MiniDrone collides with an object, the propeller circuit breaker engages to reduce potential damage.Capture daytime aerial photos with the built-in vertical mini-camera. The Parrot Minidrone RC Quadcopter is as light as a feather, with exceptional flight stability.

Thanks to its gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer. This ultra-sophisticated technology makes the Parrot Minidrone RC Quadcopter one of the most stable small quadcopters on the market. Perfect for looking back at your flying feats!.Meet the new Parrot Minidrone RC Quadcopter! Explore the night with two powerful headlights that offer adjustable intensity. Choose from Flash, Blink and Light Wave modes to create secret codes for your friends. While in flight, take aerial photos using the built-in VGA camera (480X640) and 1GB flash memory. If your MiniDrone comes into contact with another object, the propeller circuit breaker engages to reduce potential damage. Pilot it from your smartphone or tablet using the FreeFlight 3 app. Cruise for up to 9 minutes on one charge and reload in 25 minutes using a 2.6A charger (not included).

With Smartphone
Piloting your MiniDrone is simple with FreeFlight 3. Download the free app to your smartphone or tablet and get instant access to in-flight tricks and maneuvers. Take aerial photos during your flight and view them later with friends and family. *FreeFlight 3 is available in the App Store or in the Google Play Store.

It flies well under phone or tablet control, and the touch-screen interface makes it simple for novice fliers to learn the basics. However, the VGA camera is standard, and the battery life is short, at less than 10 minutes. Plus, the batteries can take a long time to recharge. The Parrot Minidrone RC Quadcopter has LEDs that are bright enough for night flying, while the Cargo can, as the name suggests, carry small items around with can Grab Parrot Minidrone RC Quadcopter at TOMTOP in just $62.79 after using this coupon code HTY5PMN Use a coupon and 220 points to enjoy the price.


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