Photos of ZTE Flagship with First Camera Under the Screen Unveiled


In April, ZTE officially unveiled its first Snapdragon 888 flagship, Axon 30 Pro series, but unfortunately it didn’t come with the new generation of off-screen camera technology that many had expected.

ZTE said at the time that due to a number of technical and supply chain reasons, the first underscreen forward-looking flagship model will be released at a later date and will be upgraded to new underscreen technology to provide a better visual and user experience.

This morning, the well-known blogger @digital chat website published on Weibo exposed the new product of domestic well-known panel manufacturer Visino. This panel is their latest generation of under-screen proactive product, which basically can’t see the existence of proactive.

It’s worth mentioning that a prototype of ZTE’s under-screen camera is also placed next to the panel. The blogger revealed that the phone is about to start warming up, which means ZTE’s first under-screen flagship is about to debut.

It can be seen from the photos of the real phone that the technology of ZTE’s new generation under the screen is very mature, which has a great improvement compared with the previous generation. Under the normal bright screen state, the existence of forward photography is completely invisible, which basically eliminates the problem of front image residual of the previous generation technology, and achieves the real “full screen” effect.

In addition to underscreen forward photography, ZTE attaches great attention to the image system this year. The Axon 30 PRO model launched earlier has become the world’s first triad of three flagship main cameras, equipped with three flagship cameras, all supporting 64 megapixel ultra-high-definition output, bringing unprecedented powerful photo experience.

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It is expected that ZTE screen flagship will also bring the top image system, is worth looking forward to.


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