Pilot Era: A 360 ° All-In-One VR Camera Launches on Indiegogo On May 7 to $1999


Pi-softtech, the new startup specializing in imaging is about to launch Pilot Era on 7 May, a monster photo camera capable of making 360 ° VR movies and 8K resolution, at a launch price of $1999. As we have already reported, the Pilot Era had already made its appearance at the last CES : this is perhaps one of the first cameras able to make the 360 ​​° VR world more accessible in a complete and “more economic” way.

“This is a 360 device, not a 360 camera. You don’t need a computer: we built the world’s only 360 streaming camera and Streetview that requires no extra equipment,” says Adler Shen, CEO, and co-founder of Pi- SoftTech.

The real strength of Pilot Era is that of being a pocket-sized all-in-one device, probably the first able to shoot, process and generate 360 ​​° VR movies with resolution up to 8K without the need to have to equip itself with accessories or additional equipment, whether it be goals, computer or smartphone. The experience is out-of-the-box, starts and ends with the device, necessary and sufficient to itself.

Pilot Era is comparable to a smartphone with 4 cameras: it has a touchscreen and works with the Android operating system, allowing complete control of the camera in real time: configuration, monitoring, live-streaming, processing, and publication. In addition, the Pilot OS operating system supports OTA upgrades and the hardware is designed with a fully functional USB-C interface, adaptable to many peripherals.

Pilot Era also supports 4K live streaming via WiFi, Ethernet, and even the built-in SIM card slot on the camera base, perfect for anyone who has to document important events, such as concerts, festivals, conferences, trade shows or journalists. action, which needs to document the news live while it is happening.

Finally, the Pilot Era is the only camera in the world able to shoot, process and publish videos compatible with Google Streetview independently, without the need for computer processing or post-production. Support the creation of “blue lines on the map” with Street View video mode and direct one-click upload to Google Maps servers.

Pilot Era will debut on the Indiegogo platform on May 7th at the special price of $1999, $600 less than the future list price, which will be $2599.

Anyone who signs up for the Pi-softtech newsletter can get a discount of up to $800 on the list price, while the first Pilot Era will be shipped starting in June. Those interested can check the complete specs of the Pilot Era on the official website and for the more information and registration for the newsletter and discount are available here.


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