Pilot Era Is On Sale On Indiegogo at $1799 For Only 24 Hours


Pisofttech, a Chinese company founded in 2012 and specialized in fusion and image processing algorithms, today launched the Indiegogo campaign for the financing of Pilot Era, the first all-in-one 8K 360-degree camera, with an Android-based operating system.

The first all-in-one 8K 360 ° camera is on sale for $1799 with a 30% discount on the list price $2594, but the offer is limited to the first 50 units and for only 24 hours, then the price will increase to $1999. Those who have signed up for the newsletter in recent days, to stay updated on the project and be notified of the start of fundraising, are entitled to the “super early bird discount” of $800, which however has no time or unit limit.

The camera has four fisheye lenses with f / 2.28 aperture, 122-degree viewing angle and can record 360-degree video in 8K at 7 frames per second or 4K at 30 frames per second, with real-time processing, or in 8K at 24 frames per second with post-production.

Unlike most other cameras of this type, Pilot Era is able to process images without having to resort to a computer or an external smartphone, thus becoming independent. It is possible, using a WiFi connection, to stream captured content on Facebook, YouTube or other platforms that allow the creation of live broadcasts.

Thanks to the touch screen it is, therefore, possible to carry out operations on videos and photos, taken at a maximum resolution of 8192 x 4096 pixels), thanks to the Android-based operating system and a decidedly simple and user-friendly interface.

Pisofftech also guarantees OTA updates to improve the performance of the camera and to add new features. Do not miss the possibility of adding external accessories: thanks to the USB Type-C connector you can add microphones, power banks, and additional screens.

Pilot Era is able to publish 360 degrees videos on Google StreetView, thanks to the ultra-precise integrated GPS, optimized for the creation of native videos. Videos and photos are saved in the internal memory, a 512GB UFS unit that guarantees the speed and ample space available. You can store up to 6 and a half hours of video or 26.ooo panoramic photos and the removable battery has a capacity of 7200mAh, to guarantee up to 3 hours of continuous operation.

You can find complete specifications and more information on the official Indiegogo project page at this address. On the page, you will also find sample videos shot with Pilot Era and you can buy the camera, whose shipments will start from the month of June.


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